Identity and Integrity: Insights on Your LGBTQ+ Audience

Sep 23, 2020

Pride is synonymous with authenticity — it’s living your truth, living it loudly, and living it proudly. And although officially only one month out of the year is dedicated to celebrating these individuals, they deserve recognition all year long. The LGBTQ+ community has endured centuries of oppression, and triumphed time and time again in their commitment to equality for all.

This year saw powerful moments of progress. The Supreme Court ruled for protection against discrimination against transgender people in the workplace. And, the LGBTQ+ community elevated Black voices and raised awareness about racial injustice in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The LGBTQ+ community is responsible for setting trends, starting conversations, and speaking out. So you may be wondering how you, as an advertiser, can create integrity in your messaging to this audience? How should you make a connection with this audience that embodies both influence and activism? (For starters, avoid the “slap a rainbow on your logo” pitfall, or speaking to this audience only in June.)

Here at Pandora, we leveraged our Soundboard panel to survey our LGBTQ+ listeners, to find out what they’re listening for from advertisers. This diverse audience connects with music, and wants to be represented all year long.

4988 LGBTQ+ Infographic R3-01

To make an impact, you have to go beyond the single post, or one-off mention. Addressing an audience only one month out of the year leaves eleven months of missed opportunity. And with this group’s massive influence, these are moments you want to be a part of. For more on resonating with your audience, visit SoundCheck.

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