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SiriusXM Media provides brands exclusive access to the platforms, publishers and programs under the SiriusXM umbrella. With a versatile portfolio of streaming platforms, podcasts, and live programming, we unlock a vibrant world of audio for advertisers looking to reach audiences from every corner of contemporary culture.

We work closely with advertising partners to align their brands with content audiences love, and deliver audio strategies that drive positive business results.

  • 4+ hours

    Americans daily time spent listening to audio

  • 69%

    listen to more audio content today because they can access it/take it everywhere

  • 2x

    more authentic & trustworthy than Traditional TV

Testing 16:9

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Your audience is listening to podcasts—and we’ve got the proof. Explore our top five podcast genres and the personas who power them in a fun-yet-informative report that will keep you scrolling for more.


Get up to speed with culture at large

With the 2024 Culture Trends Report, we’ve identified four major trends that are driving culture, the critical role audio plays in them, and the insights to help advertisers get in the game.


Prepare for the holiday ad rush

You know your industry, we know our listeners. Download The Advertiser's Guide to the Holidays for an actionable checklist on how audio can help you approach the shifting shopping landscape.

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