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Built on discovery, Pandora connects brands to loyal fans as they interact with the music and content they love. And our massive addressable audience and targeting options allow advertisers to reach the right consumers at any time.
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Why go with Pandora for brands?

Pandora listeners are loyal, delighted by the unique blend of the music they know and new favorites waiting to be found. And brands can tap into these gratifying, personal experiences at scale.

Pandora ad formats

Audio ads

Put listeners at the center of your brand stories with immersive messages that inspire action across the funnel.

Display ads

Catch their eye to influence brand perception and purchasing decisions as users engage with the platform.

Video ads

Get attention at interactive moments with video ads, with an 87% video completion rate.

Rewarded ads

Win over Pandora listeners by offering free-listening rewards for their time and attention when they interact with your ads.

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