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Rewarded ads allow listeners to opt in and watch your video ad in exchange for ad-free listening and premium features.

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Sponsored listening

Sponsored listening puts your ad in front of a leaned-in audience looking to benefit from an uninterrupted ad-free listening experience. Offer listeners one to four hours of uninterrupted listening after interacting with your video or display ads.

Reach hand-raisers

87% of our streaming audience has an ad-supported account. Sponsored listening gives listeners one to four hours of uninterrupted listening brought to you by your brand.

Video plus

Give listeners access to premium features and on-demand listening after spending time with your ad.

An active opt-in ad experience

Video plus enables listeners to opt into a video ad for access to features typically available only in the paid environment, including replay, skip extensions, and premium access. Pay only when a listener watches a full 15 seconds of your brand video.

Happy Hour

Reward all listeners who open the mobile app Thursdays between 6-9PM with uninterrupted listening after engaging with your ad. You only have to pay if someone watches your brand video for a full 15 seconds.

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