SiriusXM supports the next generation of podcasting stars

Listen Next pairs the power of SiriusXM and sponsors with leading, diverse-led production companies to help the next generation of creators break through the audio landscape and launch successful, sustainable podcasting careers.

The Listen Next program presented by State Farm®

With the help of State Farm, SiriusXM's new initiative is designed to develop diverse audio talent and promote inclusivity in podcasting, accelerating the audio careers of the next generation of podcasting stars.

Our first show brings you closer to the stars

Tune in to our inaugural Listen Next podcast, Stars and Stars with Isa, produced in collaboration with Futuro Studios. Each week, host and astrologer Isa Nakazawa sits down with a celebrity to see what their birth chart reveals about their purpose.

What do Listen Next participants get?

  • SiriusXM Media
  • Distribution

    and marketing resoures

  • Production support

    from SiriusXM's Stitcher Studios

  • Networking

    and guidance from industry execs

Behind-the-scenes support and professional guidance

Podcasters will also retain full ownership, control, and rights to their work. In collaboration with the production studios behind the shows, Listen Next will amplify creators both in front of and behind the mic, and offer a megaphone to their stories.

Increase your cultural fluency

Knowing your audiences is the key to building successful and impactful campaigns. Enter: Fluency, the cultural expertise and straight-from-the-listener insights you can't get anywhere else.


Unpack what's behind cultural pride

Over 60% of Black, AAPI, and Latino listeners want representation past the cultural and holiday months. Get our data-backed guide to understanding diverse audiences and how to reach and resonate with them through audio.


Refresh your knowledge on cultural trends

Audio is culture, and SiriusXM Media is at the center of it all. Browse our interactive Culture Trends Report and learn how Pandora, SiriusXM, and our podcast network impact pop culture.


Meet the who’s who of podcast listening

Your audience is listening to podcasts—and we’ve got the proof. Explore our top five podcast genres and the personas who power them in a fun-yet-informative report that will keep you scrolling for more.

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