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With us, you’ve got the experts in your corner. From sonic strategy to full-service audio production, no one knows audio better than we do. We’re your competitive edge in audio advertising.
Audio is Magic

Audio Is Magic

Prepare to be tricked, deceived, and delighted in this multisensory experience that reveals the secrets behind the magic of audio. Join us for thirty minutes, and you won’t just be a believer—you’ll be capable of sonic sorcery that conjures emotions, transforms perception, and makes your marketing challenges disappear. Get in touch with your SiriusXM Media Sales Representative for more info on how to book.

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Our expertise: From full-service audio ad agency to streamlined production, we support any and all audio creative needs.


Sonic Brand Strategy • Campaign Planning • Research and Measurement • Copywriting • Multicultural • Audio Production • Voice Over • Music Composition • Sound Design • Web Development • Design

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Want to know how the top-performing audio ads get made? Hear for yourself.

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Stand For Sonic Diversity

Lines have been drawn that perpetuate racism in every industry. But together, we can break the sonic color line and redefine the sound of the American voice. Will you join us?

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