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Enhance the audio experience with display ads

Ads listeners can see

Our display ads only reach listeners when they’re actively engaged with their streaming app so they never miss your ad.

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Get 100% share of screen across all platforms with display ads.

  • Display banners: Deliver reach with visual ad placements across all platforms with our display ad units.

  • Web skins: Seamlessly integrate your brand, messaging, and colors with our app with our basic, enhanced, and custom skins.

Rich media

Create eye-catching rich media ads

Get more out of your display banners with rich media solutions that solve for any objective. Our custom display solutions help you design the ideal experience for your consumer.

Off-the-shelf, full-service

Work with our design and adtech teams to create engaging rich media experiences. We can also work with a preferred rich media vendor to meet your needs.

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Animated interstitials

Capture a listener’s attention with an eye-catching, rich functionality when they begin their mobile listening sessions.


Showcase your product or service and its benefits with an interactive unit with multiple panels.


Reach millions of listeners as they start their listening experience on mobile or on the web.

First impression takeover

Own the first, second, or third display ad break in a listener's session on a particular day.

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