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Your 2020 Playbook for Maximizing Ad Effectiveness: Sales Lift

Hadley StorkJan 15, 2020

As we launch into this new year, it’s time to start asking ourselves what’s working and what needs refreshing. With that in mind, are your campaigns driving sales lift as effectively as they could be? We dug into 3 years of CPG data and insights that can guide the decisions for your next campaign to make sure the answer is a resounding yes!

Our Insights Lab team undertook the Herculean task of analyzing 1,500+ campaigns to surface the best insights and trends from the past few years that marketers can apply to their campaigns immediately.

Goal: Increasing purchases

Audio is typically seen as driver of upper funnel metrics, but it can be highly effective at driving purchases as well. According to Tamara Bedrosian, Sales VP, CPG and Retail at Pandora:

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As we explored in the first part of our series, awareness lays the foundation for pushing people down the funnel until a purchase or conversion takes place. This is ultimately what marketers are after: boosting the bottom line. So what insights did we glean from our research that can move products off of shelves?

  • Consider incorporating 3D Audio or sound effects into your audio creative. With the rise of earbuds, smart speakers, and device targeting opportunities, we are able to create more meaningful, immersive, and engaging audio ad experiences. A popular sports drink made use of the left and right headphones with separate voice overs from famous athletes on each side. The voiceovers complemented each other and provided a more immersive audio experience. And most importantly, the brand achieved a 4% lift in incremental sales attributed to this campaign.

  • Tie your music choice to your message. A beauty company used different music within their audio creative to highlight different features of their product. To highlight natural ingredients, they used a tropical music bed. To emphasize that this was a new product, they used an upbeat, funky music bed. This feature and music alignment resulted in a 7% increase in sales from this campaign.

  • Think about what your brand sounds like, either literally or figuratively. With the growing number of screenless devices, an audio identity is practically a necessity for brands. A CPG brand dug into this idea of sonic branding and created an entire campaign around the iconic crunch of their snacks. Creating a sonic identity that perfectly captured the brand and how it evokes a particular taste craving increased their sales by 5% from this campaign.

What this means for marketers

Interestingly, the campaigns that drove the most lift made very innovative use of the audio environment. How are you innovating your creative to make the biggest splash on listeners? Work with our Studio Resonate team to help bring your brand to life with audio. As Jenn LaRocco, Vice President, Strategic Accounts, says,

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As you’re optimizing your campaigns for the new year, incorporate all of the insights from our analysis to make sure that your campaign is driving the most impact on your bottom line.

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