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High School can be tough… Especially when you’re trying to launch an Emo band in Toledo, Ohio, in 2005. Meet Dallas, Cos, and Tyson. The three best friends make up the Emo band “Your Thoughts, My Memories.” They struggle to get through each day - fraught with emotions, sensitivity, flat ironed hair, black skinny jeans, and dreams of fame. Their daily routines consist of trying to gain MySpace followers, arguing about Emo bands, and avoiding the temptations of booze, sex, and drugs. After all “Straight Edge is the Great Edge.“ The jocks make fun of them; the popular kids won’t give them the time of day, and their original music offers them the only escape from the mundane Midwest mentalities that they are surrounded by. Oh, and they’ve made a “Celibacy and Sobriety Pact” until graduation.


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