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5 Audio Ad Solutions to “Sleigh” Your Holiday Campaign

Aug 19, 2022

The holidays may be months away, but creative campaign planning for the most anticipated season of the year is just around the corner. As you kick off your audio ad game plan, be sure to include these five strategies to ensure major wins.

With the heat of summer in full swing, consumers likely feel as though the holidays are light years away. For your advertiser alter-ego, though, creative campaign planning for the most wonderful time of the year has most likely already kicked off. Audio is an extremely effective channel year-round, but during the holidays, it plays an even more prominent role in securing success; in fact, 60% of Pandora listeners visit a brand's website after hearing or seeing a holiday ad that interests them.

So, with listeners turning to audio to amp up their holiday spirit, how can you best reach and resonate with consumers? Here are five effective audio ad solutions that will help you secure a spot on must-buy lists everywhere.

1. Dynamic & Sequential Audio

We can all agree that storytelling is one of the most effective strategies when it comes to winning over consumers’ hearts—especially when it comes to holiday shopping seasons that are largely driven by nostalgia and emotional connections.

That’s where Dynamic and Sequential Audio come in. These personalized creative solutions allow brands to tell captivating stories that grow and change with the listener and their behaviors.

  • Dynamic Audio is the ability to create personalized advertising experiences based on listener data in real-time based on listener data. The result? A unique, one-of-a-kind message that’s perfectly suited to each listener.

  • Sequential Audio captures and engages listeners by telling a brand story through sequentially targeted audio ads, driving them further down the purchase funnel with each message.

With these innovative capabilities, long gone are the days of tired, repetitive holiday ads. Think: regionally targeted ad campaigns that change based on the weather, or a captivating story about Santa’s journey through the snow—slowly revealed one message at a time. The options are endless; how will you tell your brand story?

2. Voice

Customer-centric marketing tactics have become the center of campaign strategy—and what better way to put the customer first than to actually invite them to the conversation? Ads have been the ones doing the talking for a very long time; what if we turned the tables and let them do the talking?

“Say yes for a mouthwatering holiday recipe.”

“Say yes for an exclusive coupon code.”

“Say yes to learn more about our just-launched seasonal product.”

This holiday season, engage your consumers in conversation they can’t say no to. By prompting listeners to answer questions, provide feedback, or otherwise get involved in the advertising experience, you can encourage an intimate connection with your target audience and drive positive brand sentiment and purchases.

3. Countdown Clocks


You get the picture. There’s nothing like a countdown clock to get customers excited and hype up a limited-time deal, show launch, product release, etc. If you want to capitalize on this sense of urgency, a countdown clock ad is the way to go.

A minute-by-minute breakdown of exactly how much time is left until your brand’s next amazing deal expires doesn’t just drive consumers to act before it’s too late—it also cuts through the noise of the never-ending holiday promotions. Having an exact end date gives consumers a specific timeframe in which they can—and should—engage in your offerings, leaving them feeling well-informed and driven to purchase.

4. First Impression Audio

You know how the old saying goes: first impressions matter. And in a season as saturated and, let’s be honest, chaotic as the holidays, that initial impact makes all the difference. If you really want to cut through the noise and meet your consumers at their most open point in the content-consumption experience, you need to be first in line.

Jump on the opportunity to be the first audio message a listener hears on the day of your choosing, or own the first ad in your favorite podcast—all with concurrent display branding on web, mobile, and tablet. By joining the conversation before your consumers are burnt out on messaging, you stand the best chance of creating a favorable impression and driving actions on your ad.

5. Presenting Sponsorships

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: if you aren’t including podcasts in your media mix, you’re seriously missing out. And if you don’t believe us, just check the data: over 4 in 10 podcast listeners learn about potential holiday gifts when listening to podcasts.

It goes without saying, then, that the holiday season is the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon, and you can make your first campaign a surefire success with a “Presenting Sponsorship” package. This unique blend of visual and audio positioning targets all your consumers’ senses in an impactful way, right where they want it most: their favorite podcasts. Imagine your latest holiday offerings front and center on Office Ladies, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Scam Goddess, Freakonomics Radio, and more.

With this option, the advertiser receives an extended version of the most coveted ad position in nearly every listen of the podcast, as well as the only visual space in the show. As a result, you can rest assured listeners think of your brand when they think of the podcast, long after the sponsorship is over.

Audio Ad Strategies: the Gift That Keeps on Giving This Holiday Season

The bow that ties these lovely strategy presents together? Holiday targeting capabilities. SXM Media allows you to meet your consumers exactly where they are, in the exact mood they’re in, with the exact activities they love most. Whether you want to target based on music genre or activities, our capabilities will make it happen.

Every brand knows just how important the holiday season is. And with the right media mix across multiple audio channels, you can give your consumers the gift of fresh, innovative, and relevant advertisements.


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2: National Library of Medicine, “Exploring the Possibility of Peak Individualism, Humanity's Existential Crisis, and an Emerging Age of Purpose”

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