Advertising on SoundCloud Connects Brands to Fans: Learn How

Jun 5, 2024

From creating new sounds, to copying the latest dance moves, to discovering new and unknown artists, music is central to the lives of younger generations. Nearly eight in 10 teens rate music as a key interest above gaming. And 76% of Gen Zers say they listen to more music today because they can access it anywhere.

For advertisers, the message is clear: Audio is a way in with young consumers. And with SoundCloud, brands can connect with a young, cool, highly engaged audience.

More than a Platform—It’s an Experience

Made by and for artists, powered by their fans, SoundCloud is at the center of the digital music and social ecosystem. It’s where artists get discovered and breakout because it’s also a social network, where fan enthusiasm leads to social sharing and community building.

  • Designed for discovery. Fans actively discover and share new music.

  • Socially powered. Listeners can easily comment and share their favorites with friends.

  • Direct interaction. SoundCloud cuts out the gatekeepers with built-in features to promote direct artist-fan interaction at scale.

Tap into the Future of Music

SoundCloud brings brands into this engaging world of music discovery with proprietary datasets, genre mapping, and experienced A&R teams to identify the music trends and talent that are buzzing on the platform—before they hit the mainstream. Real-time data gives advertisers an exclusive look at emerging talent, scenes, and communities.

SoundCloud Leads What’s Next in Music

Once upon a time, young-hopefuls-turned-household-names like Post Malone, Billie Eilish, and Lil Nas X uploaded their tracks to SoundCloud to connect with legions of young, passionate listeners. The next big names are uploading their demos right now. And this engaged community of fans is eagerly tuning in to find the next big name to obsess over.

This audience is:

  • 1.8x more likely to discover artists/bands before they are well-known/popular than general internet users

  • 2.2x more likely to talk about music on blogs, websites, or social media

  • Nearly half of internet streamers believe that SoundCloud breaks new artists and music

Catch Them When They’re Leaned-In and Listening

When artists and their fans come together on SoundCloud, connections run deep, culminating in the form of young, diverse communities that set the pace of culture. These eager and open-minded early adopters spend 66 more minutes listening to music on average than the general internet user—giving brands more time to reach them.

Advertisers Support the Sounds They Seek Out

With 91% of the SoundCloud audience listening with ads, it’s brands who are serving up the next big thing to fans. That’s why the platform’s base of mobile, tech-savvy users are 1.7x more likely to discover brands through ads.

Leverage the SoundCloud Ecosystem

There are four key ways to connect with listeners through SoundCloud:

  • Programmatic + Standard Media: With pre-roll audio and video ad placements, your messages can reach users as they indulge in their favorite tunes.

  • Native: Immerse your brand in the ecosystem to become a part of the experience with prestitials, takeovers, promoted tracks, branded profiles, and more.

  • Integration: Put your brand front and center with SoundCloud-owned intellectual property, including Comment Check, Ascending, and Scenes.

  • Co-Creation: Tap into creator culture while expressing your brand’s DNA with creator contests, social content, social and premium video, and more.

Get in Early with Younger Generations

No matter what your campaign goal, SoundCloud has a solution to get your brand in front of Gen Z and Gen Alpha. If you’re ready to get in on music discovery—and all of the passion and interaction it inspires—hit us up.


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