Anatomy of a Daily Podcast Listener & How to Reach Them

Alexandria Caggia, Specialist, Podcast Sales MarketingNov 29, 2023

There’s no question—humans are creatures of habit. And for the creatures we call daily podcast listeners, podcasts are a vital part of the routine. Versatile and convenient, the medium flows seamlessly into their day-to-day lives.

According to our Podsurvey User Study, 77% of podcast listeners tune in daily. Not only that, daily podcast listeners over index (116) for listening to podcasts with episodes that release every weekday (and sometimes weekends). With commitment like this, brands can easily tap into consumer lifestyles and purchasing rituals to increase awareness and reach leaned-in audiences every day, throughout the day.

Craving Consistency 

Picture this: The alarm goes off, and it’s time to wake up. You roll out of bed and head to the kitchen to brew a cup of coffee. As you pour your cream and sugar, you grab your phone and scroll through your carousel of podcasts. Then, you find one that piques your interest and hit play. There’s something so refreshing about listening to your favorite shows first thing in the morning. At least, that’s how daily podcast listeners feel, with 64% saying they listen while getting ready for the day (112 index) and 82% saying they believe podcasts are an important part of their daily routine (121 index).

Finding a good rhythm can set the tone for the day. And for daily podcast listeners, incorporating podcasts into the mix can be life-changing, with 68% of them describing podcasts as mood boosters and 64% saying podcasts “make me happy.”

Be Part of Their Routine

Stay top-of-mind and elevate core messages that match the moment and fuel engagement. With nearly seven in 10 daily listeners saying they “listen to podcasts in a hands-free manner without looking at or interacting with the screen,” brands can be a companion to listeners as they move through their daily activities and rest easy knowing that the ads are unlikely to be skipped.

Seeking Comfort and Companionship

Podcasts are not just a tag-along to help pass the time. For daily listeners, these shows instill a sense of comfort and community that traditional media lacks, with 68% feeling a personal connection to the host. This devoted listenership thrives on intimacy and authenticity, allowing podcasters to join in on their everyday activities—just like your IRL bestie would. Whether they're running errands, dropping the kids off at school, or heading to the mall, they’re bringing the most trusted creators along with them. 

Embrace Online/In-Store Opportunities 

Meet your target demo directly where they are and influence their shopping experience. In a recent user study, we discovered that more than one in two daily podcast listeners shop in-store and online during listening sessions. This offers brands a chance to connect with loyal audiences and maximize purchase consideration while listeners are actively browsing. 

Looking to Stay Alert and Informed

As daily listeners scurry through their day, they’re taking time to delve into the news, business, and tech genres. Each category quenches their thirst for knowledge with high-impact, illuminating narratives driven by profound storytellers. This bodes well for advertisers looking to reach high-earners since nearly one in two daily listeners have a household income over $100K.

Take Mad Money as an example. For nearly two decades, this talk-show-turned-daily-podcast has drawn in millions of business-savvy moguls. According to Edison Research, Mad Money ranked #2 for podcasts that index the highest for household income over $100K.

Drive Awareness Like No Other Segment

High frequency equals high reward, and advertisers looking to tap into a lucrative market of highly engaged podcast loyalists can find what they seek in daily listeners. This audience segment is very likely to pay attention to podcast ads (113 index), allowing brands to spark rapid growth and awareness. 

Reach Listeners on the Daily

No matter what their day looks like, daily podcast listeners are making time for the shows they love (and discovering new ones). The SiriusXM Podcast Network houses a great deal of daily podcasts that will kickstart your strategy. With an impressive batch of on-demand shows like What A Day, The ReidOut, and TechCheck, we’ve got everything you need to reach coveted audiences at scale. Let’s chat!

And if you want to know more about podcast listeners, check out our latest podcast advertising report: The Who's Who of Podcast Listening.

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