Anatomy of a Short-Form Podcast Listener & How to Reach Them

Alexandria Caggia, Specialist, Podcast Sales MarketingNov 6, 2023

We’re in the snackable content era. The 9-5 grind, side hustles, significant others, kiddos, fur babies, social calendars—people don’t always have time or energy to spare, which can make it challenging for brands to reach busy high-achievers. Enter short-form podcasts: The ultimate quick fix for always-on-the-go audiences who are looking to optimize their time. Short-form podcasts offer swift conversations, valuable information, and loveable hosts in 15 minutes or less.

According to our recent Podsurvey Podcast User Study, 74% of short-form podcast listeners are employed full-time, and 45% of them have a household income over $100k—making this a very desirable audience for advertisers. 

Looking for Instant Gratification

The episodes may be brief, but the short-form podcast listener has been tuning in for a long time—one in three began listening to podcasts 10 years ago (or more). They can always find time to snack on news, history, and health & wellness podcasts to satisfy their curious minds. And they over index (134) for listening to podcasts that spark inspiration and offer advice on topics that are important to them. These go-getters are itching for answers to their burning questions, with 80% of short-form listeners saying podcasts educate them.

The Atlas Obscura Podcast is a great example of a popular, award-winning short-form show, capturing millions of listeners’ attention in less than 15 minutes an episode. As fans embark on these brief audio expeditions, they feel empowered to unleash their inner globetrotter, with 66% spending on vacation travel.

Get Higher SOV

With short-form podcasts, advertisers can stand out and magnify their brand messages with snappy, action-driven podcast ads. And with engaged listeners tuning in to satisfy their curiosity, this audience is primed to learn more about the products and services advertised. Nearly 80% of short-form listeners say, “I found out about a product or service I hadn’t heard about before on a podcast.”

Completely Engaged and Letting Them Play

Short-form podcast listeners may crave quick content, but that doesn’t mean it’s one and done. Nearly two in three short-form fans listen to multiple episodes back-to-back. And they take the content seriously, with nearly half saying they listen to shows through to the very end (credits, post-roll, and all). Over 70% of short-form podcast listeners are open to hearing ads at the end of an episode.

Insert Ads in the Queue

Post-roll and pre-roll ads are the interstitial of the podcast space, with studies finding them effective at driving web engagement and purchase conversions. Over four in 10 short-form podcast listeners leave auto play on, letting the next episode in their queue play automatically. And when the ads roll as listeners move from one episode to another, brands can capture listener attention and prompt them to take action. 

Ready for Brand Inspiration 

Remember how busy these podcast fans are? That means they’re doing other things as they listen, like getting ready for the day (63%), pursuing a hobby (45%), or even shopping (34%). That’s right, short-form podcast listeners are 20% more likely to shop online while listening to podcasts compared to the average podcast listener. And advertising on the quick-hit shows they love allows brands to reach them when they’re considering purchase. 

Find the Best Short-Form Podcasts Around

The SiriusXM Podcast Network offers an abundance of wide-ranging bite-sized content. Whether it’s getting a pep talk from The Mindset Mentor, exploring new places via The Atlas Obscura Podcast, or breaking down taboo topics on La Oveja Negra, we’ve got the content listeners crave. Let’s chat.

And if you want to know more about podcast listeners, check out our latest podcast advertising report: The Who's Who of Podcast Listening.

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