Announcing the Pass the Mic Podcast

Mar 20, 2023

Welcome to Pass the Mic. We’re giving powerful women the opportunity to make the world their mentee. These rockstars are joining us to share their stories and sage advice with up-and-coming women.

Three years ago, we launched Pass the Mic with a mission of elevating women’s voices and inspiring the next generation. And now, well over 100 interviews later, we’re launching a podcast. Episode one of the first season of Pass the Mic Podcast dropped today, and we’ll be pushing new episodes each week well into June.

Covering Big Topics

Most episodes are centered on a specific theme, featuring a plethora of powerful women sharing anecdotes and advice. From being your authentic self and taking chances to climbing the ladder and learning from failure, we cover topics that will inspire and motivate you. Like when Jenna Berg, VP of Brand Marketing for Motel 6 and Studio 6 tells us to say yes to opportunities.

Jenna Berg for Pass the Mic

Highlight: “My advice is to say yes to opportunities when they come up. And even if you don't know where they're going to end, because who knows, they could end up as a VP of marketing. Who knows?” – Jenna Berg

Going In-Depth With Full Interviews

From Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to Podcast Movement to Advertising Week New York to CES, we’re catching up with women at the top of their fields in the wild. We’ve done some stellar interviews, and now you’ll hear many of them in their entirety. Every few weeks, we’ll mix it up with full-length interviews with women like Maria Weaver, President of WMX at Warner Music Group

Maria Weaver for Pass the Mic

Highlight: “What I've learned is there are always going to be moments where you feel either not heard or not respected. And what I had to learn was to stop and think about how I wanted to handle it. I think when I was younger, I had more a kind of knee jerk thoughts about how I should handle things. And it's helped me to kind of define my style, if you will.” – Maria Weaver

Reveling in the Highs

Good things happen when you put women in power. Empathy is not a four-letter word (literally and figuratively). And, dare we say it, you can have *gasp* fun in the workplace. Not only that, it adds value. That’s what Janet Lee, CMO – Mobile Experience, Samsung Electronics America tells us.

Janet Lee for Pass the Mic

Highlight: “What if you get something more than money? What if you have fun every day working on your projects, working with your teams? Then your net value, your take home value, is greater.” – Janet Lee

And Learning from the Lows

As the song goes, “Into every life, a little rain must fall.” And badass female leaders aren’t immune—and neither is this podcast. The good news: we’re getting the inside scoop on how to overcome challenges and learn from failure. As Leslie Miller, US Lead for Dove and Dove Men + Care at Unilever told us, you’ve got to reframe failure.

Leslie Miller for Pass the Mic

Highlight: “You have to believe in fail fast, pivot quick. And if we're open to talk about failures and reframing them as learning opportunities, we have a much bigger narrative as women and as business leaders.” – Leslie Miller

Put Your Hand Out

It’s time to pass the mic. Get ready to learn powerful lessons from some amazing women in leadership. Subscribe to the Pass the Mic Podcast today, and listen as you get ready for your day, on a break, as you run errands, whenever—you’ll be better for it.

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