“Appreciate feedback,” Jacs Wyatt from Samsung

Nov 30, 2023

Welcome to Pass the Mic and the Live Lessons series. Life happens in the moment—and so do opportunities to pass the mic. We’re having live conversations with powerful female leaders, giving them the opportunity to share their wisdom and mentor the masses.

Meet Jacs Wyatt, Head of Digital Marketing and Social Commerce at Samsung, where she oversees the digital marketing strategy, execution, and insights for the mobile category. Jacs is a passionate and results-driven leader who thrives on creating and executing impactful campaigns. On a day-to-day basis, she’s looking for innovative ways to tell Samsung’s innovative story. So, it’s no surprise that she won the Samsung CEO award for leadership.

Jacs joined Jocelyn Hudak, Director, Content and Digital Marketing and Sophie Anderson, Associate Director, Podcast Sales Marketing for a Pass the Mic interview at Advertising Week New York. Get ready for some sound guidance, and give their conversation a listen.

Pass the Mic with Jacs Wyatt - Full interview

I promise, most people are kind when they give you feedback. They're doing it because they're helping you.

Jacs WyattHead of Digital Marketing and Social Commerce at Samsung

Remove those barriers to success and lead with kindness—we need more of that from leaders. Here are more highlights of how Jacs is leading the way to better workplaces.

You don’t have to love feedback.

You don’t have to love feedback, Jacs Wyatt - Pass the Mic

Highlight: “I want everybody to know: You're human. It's just, as we talk about all these things, ‘Oh, yes. I love getting feedback.’ No, I don't. I don't enjoy it. I don't love it, but I'm appreciative of it. If I give advice to others, it's just push through, push through, because I promise most people are kind when they give you feedback. They're doing it because they're helping you.” - Jacs Wyatt

Always be kind.

Always be kind, Jacs Wyatt - Pass the Mic

Highlight: “We're always kind. Kind doesn't mean nice, doesn't mean soft, but kind. So, that's the first thing that I always want to get across to my team is no matter who we're dealing with, whether it's a vendor or customer, internal stakeholders, always be kind. And then, to me, the heart of kindness really stems in assuming the best in people. - Jacs Wyatt

Pressure is a privilege. 

Pressure is a privilege, Jacs Wyatt - Pass the Mic

Highlight: “The US Open here in New York, when you walk on to the court, they have a Billie Jean quote on the wall that says, 'Pressure is a privilege.' And I saw that, watching something about a tennis player, when I was struggling with some things at work. A Billie Jean quote on a tennis court, but I think that's what's powerful… If Billie Jean can do what she did, and this tennis player is going out and doing this, I think I can tackle my project today.” - Jacs Wyatt

Get a gut check. 

Get a gut check, Jacs Wyatt - Pass the Mic

Highlight: “He really taught me to check in on any project I'm doing. And he's like, ‘When it's 10%, come check with me. When it's 20%, come check with me on that.’ To your point, after school, we all learned to get 100%. You don't get to check in, you fill in the test, and you have to get 100%. How lucky am I so early in my career to have a boss say to me, ‘Do not try to get 100% because you will never get there. Instead, in the real world, in the business world, you need to gut check with me.’” - Jacs Wyatt

Remove barriers to success.

Remove barriers to success, Jacs Wyatt - Pass the Mic

Highlight: “If there's an issue, it's most likely a system issue, and that's on me as a leader. So, my job is to make sure that the systems are right, that I'm removing barriers to their success. My focus is the system… Remove those barriers, define success, tell them where to play safely, and then let them go.” - Jacs Wyatt

We’re all human.

We’re all human, Jacs Wyatt - Pass the Mic

Highlight: “Balance doesn't exist, but we're all people at the end of the day. And so, everybody has rough days. I've told my team, if you had your heart broken, that's no different than having your arm broken. Take a day off. Take time off. We’re human.” - Jacs Wyatt

We’re all human—take that feedback. If you’re looking for more guidance from powerful women, check out more Pass the Mic content.

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