Are Attribution Models Properly Measuring Audio?

Sep 28, 2018
Pandora The Lab Ep1

Episode Chapters

0:00 - What is the Pandora Insights Lab? 3:38 - What is attribution? (A Tinder Story) 6:50 - Why isn’t last-click attribution always the best option? 13:30 - What does this mean for marketers? 17:27 - Looking for more information?


Episode 1 introduces a few of our key players driving the innovation behind Pandora’s advertising solutions. Claire Fanning (VP, Ad Innovation Strategy), David Hardtke (Director, Advertising Science), and David Reiley (Principal Scientist) come together to discuss the launch of Pandora’s Insights Lab – uncovering what the Insights Lab is and how Pandora plans to use proprietary data to foster industry innovation, address challenging questions related to audio, and ultimately help advertisers navigate the ever-evolving world of audio.

We then dive into some of the experiments going on at Pandora, and attribution is the name of the game. The team discusses the importance of attribution and outlines how they can help advertisers understand if they are measuring campaigns appropriately particularly as it pertains to the audio space. Reiley and Hardke walk through a recent experiment that showed how a last-click attribution model undervalued audio by a factor of three. Throughout this discussion, they highlight methodologies behind attribution models, the key differences between display and audio, and how to bring measurement to the forefront of planning.

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