Audiences in Action: The Activity Targeting Guide for Audio

Apr 10, 2024

Prime time and drive time aren’t nearly as important as they once were. And the days of couch or car as your primary advertising reach options are long gone. Entertainment is more accessible, portable, and convenient than ever. So, audiences are taking their favorite songs with them wherever they go, no matter what they’re doing. And with activity targeting, you can unlock the opportunity to align your ads and campaigns with what your target consumers are doing.

What Is Activity Targeting?

Activity targeting is a type of contextual targeting that allows advertisers to reach audiences based on what they’re likely to be doing as they consume content. In the ever-changing world of data-driven advertising, solutions like activity targeting allow brands to adopt privacy-friendly, highly effective methods to reach and resonate with audiences.

Picture this: You’re outside manning the grill at your annual Memorial Day BBQ, letting Pandora play DJ with the Hip Hop BBQ station. Then an ad for a refreshing new seltzer begins. With the sun shining and your 4th of July shindig right around the corner, you’re more likely to pay attention and take note. And with other people in earshot, your significant other may even prod you to add these thirst-quenching beverages to your grocery list the next day.

That's the power and opportunity that comes with activity targeting.

How Does Activity Targeting Work?

Our music analysts curate stations that are aligned to common activities that pair well with music (like cooking, socializing, or working out). Advertising on these stations allows brands to reach consumers with messaging that is especially relevant and more likely to raise awareness, boost consideration, and inspire purchase.

Why is Activity Targeting Effective?

Six in 10 Pandora listeners say music helps them pass the time, and 58% say it’s a companion to their daily activities. That means, the majority of our listeners are seeking out music throughout the day to accompany their everyday tasks. With activity targeting, brands can align with listener activities to drive relevant associations and increase ad recall.

Get to Know Activities on Pandora

Our activity targeting rationally targets stations that are created by our curation team to reach listeners while they’re likely to be performing specific activities.


Get in on the chopping, slicing, and dicing as listeners let it simmer to stations like Cajun & Zydeco, French Cooking Music, and more.


  • 300K listeners

  • HHI >$100K (70% more likely than other listeners)


Stations like Brunch café, Classic Rock BBQ, and more obscure the clinking of dishes and the sound of chewing, allowing listeners to focus on the flavors (and your ads).


  • 1.4M listeners

  • Over 8 in 10 on mobile

Entertaining at Home

As listeners entertain with stations like Classic Dinner Party, Hipster Cocktail Party, and more, your ads can reach their guests, too.


  • 1M listeners

  • HHI >$100K (53% more likely than other listeners)


Here’s your invitation to the celebrations and festivities that consumers revel in while listening to stations like The Turn Up, Bachelorette Party, and more.


  • 1M listeners

  • 58% millennial

Study & Focus

Tap into that laser-focus and get some attention as listeners tune into stations like Electronic for Studying, Study Break Comedy, and more.


  • 1M listeners

  • Over 1 in 5 Gen X

Summer BBQ

No invite needed. Put your brand messages on their plates as they grill up the goodness to stations like 4th of July, Summer Hits of the 80s, and more.


  • 2.4M listeners

  • 53% male

Waking Up

For these listeners, music is the accompaniment to their get-up and get-ready routines, and with waking up activity targeting, your brand can help them get motivated.


  • 161K listeners

  • 5am – 9am

Winding Down

It’s that time of day when listeners are in for the night and settling in to rest and recharge. Winding down activity targeting connects you to audiences at this peaceful time.


  • 1.8M listeners

  • 7pm – 12am


Break through with brand messages as listeners are breaking a sweat to Pandora stations like Pop Fitness, Alternative Endurance Trap, and more.


  • 1.58M listeners

  • 62% female

Ready to Take Action?

Our contextual targeting solutions like activity targeting don’t depend on MAIDs (which are on the decline) or third-party cookies (which are rapidly crumbling), and they aren’t impacted by increasing state privacy legislation. If you’re looking for data-driven targeting to standalone or work with demographic and geographic targeting options, look no further. Take action.


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