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Audio Delivers 98% Completion Rate for The Coca-Cola Company

  • 98%

    98% completion rate for audio ads on Pandora

  • ~ 89%

    88.74% audibility rate for audio ads

The Challenge

The Coca-Cola Company consistently promotes its brands, products, and deals to its many thirsty consumers. When the time came for the beverage icon to promote its new value collection, they turned to Dollar General Media Network's (DGMN) to drive brand awareness and boost in-store sales.

  • Ensure The Coca-Cola Company’s ads drive sales lifts in Dollar General stores and show a successful ROAS for the brand

  • Beyond ad impressions, prove that the campaign fulfilled engagement KPIs, such as ad completion rates

  • Utilize targeting capabilities available to reach the right consumers, including current brand buyers, HHI <$40k, and multicultural shoppers

The Solution

DGMN utilized a multi-platform approach to maximize reach for The Coca-Cola Company. The first key piece of the campaign used on-site display units on and the Dollar General app to reach Dollar General shoppers directly as they browse online. In addition to this, off-site display units were deployed to expand The Coca-Cola Company’s reach even further.

Beyond display insertions, DGMN tapped SiriusXM Media to amplify The Coca-Cola Company’s messaging on Pandora through audio ads. As a publishing partner for DGMN, the beverage brand was able to allocate a part of their retail media investment to SiriusXM Media and expand their reach alongside DGMN’s premium inventory. 

We developed 30-second audio ads to promote the brand’s new value pack, motivating shoppers to visit their nearest Dollar General to make a purchase. By utilizing SiriusXM Media’s 150M listeners and DGMN’s 90M+ unique customer profiles, we served audio ads to priority audiences, including:

  • Current Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Fanta Brand Buyers

  • HHI <$40K

  • Multicultural Shoppers

The Results

The campaign proved successful, delivering over 19 million impressions across on-site display, off-site display, and audio ads. 

The audio campaign on Pandora delivered an 88.74% audibility rate, outperforming listening benchmarks.

Beyond views, SiriusXM Media was able to guarantee The Coca-Cola Company’s messaging was heard all the way through for nearly every listener—with a 98% completion rate for their audio spots on Pandora. 

The combination of audio ads on Pandora, on-site display with Dollar General, and additional off-site display units was able to influence sales for The Coca-Cola Company’s value collection.

As advertisers look to DGMN to extend their reach, audio is a channel that highly resonates with our rural customers. Additionally, audio has the ability to round out the diversity of tactics while also delivering measurable outcomes, which further validate an advertiser’s investment. SiriusXM Media collaborates with DGMN to provide consistent thought leadership and recommendations to help drive results.

Charlene CharlesHead of DG Media Network

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