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Audio Drives +2000% ROAS for Motel 6

Aug 15, 2022
  • +2000%

    ROAS for April to July

Hybrid ad model shifts perceptions and drives direct bookings

The Challenge

For over 60 years, Motel 6 has offered clean, comfortable rooms at an affordable rate, making trips accessible for budget-friendly travelers. But in 2021, they wanted to shift perception and drive direct bookings. They wanted to move beyond a commodity transaction and form an emotional connection with budget travelers.

The Solution

We know that Motel 6 is a major player when it comes to brand recognition. So instead of focusing on awareness, the organization chose to leverage engaging and inspiring ads that drove home the value and appeal of Motel 6 to their Economy Mover target audience, in order to further drive consideration and brand preference. For maximum effect, they created a hybrid audio-display model across Pandora to reach a multicultural-targeted audience segment.

The Results

A multi-platform approach played a key role in helping Motel 6 reach their target audience with ads that would resonate and have a lasting impression. And resonate they did: in the first month of the campaign, they achieved a total return on ad spend of 2000%. All proving how this iconic, 35-year-old audio campaign seamlessly transitioned from traditional to digital, with a more active, purposeful role in committing to know, help, and celebrate their multicultural economy-mover audience.

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