Benchmarking the Industry with She Runs It

Jan 19, 2021
Benchmarking the Industry with She Runs It

2020 turned everything on its head. And on the heels of Black Lives Matter, social movements and diversity and inclusion initiatives were accelerated like never before.

Organizations like She Runs It and women like Carol Watson (Chief Inclusion Officer, BCW Global) and Lynn Branigan (CEO & President, She Runs It) are behind some of the biggest D&I initiatives in the industry. In this episode, we sit down with Carol and Lynn to dive into #Inclusive100—and how it's challenging some of the largest brands in the game to walk the walk.

Taped on: October 23, 2020

Host: Priscilla Valls, Vice President, Agency, Advertiser, & Industry Partnerships; Editor-in-Chief: Jocelyn Hudak; Editor: Ella Tatum

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