“Define who you are as a brand,” Jenna Fidellow from Wavemaker

Dec 1, 2023

Welcome to Pass the Mic and the Live Lessons series. Life happens in the moment—and so do opportunities to pass the mic. We’re having live conversations with powerful female leaders, giving them the opportunity to share their wisdom and mentor the masses.

Meet Jenna Fidellow, US Head of Content at Wavemaker, where she cultivates and maintains strong relationships with key contacts, cross-functional teams, and partners. Jenna has a deep passion for content, and she’s an expert in thoughtfully leveraging insights, data, and culture to create compelling narratives. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her husband and young daughter. In her downtime, Jenna is a Crime Junkie fan and loves her Peloton.

Jenna joined Jocelyn Hudak, Director, Content and Digital Marketing and Sophie Anderson, Associate Director, Podcast Sales Marketing for a Pass the Mic interview at Advertising Week New York. Get ready to evaluate your personal brand, and give this interview a listen.

Pass the Mic with Jenna Fidellow - Full interview

Self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses is really important to be able to make sure you're showing value on a consistent basis.

Jenna FidellowUS Head of Content at Wavemaker

Jenna’s clear strength is leadership. Here are some highlights to get you inspired.

Define your brand.

Define your brand, Jenna Fidellow - Pass the Mic

Highlight: “We're in branding. How do you position and package yourself? Because it not only helps to position you in a way to set yourself up for success, to get the next job, to get the next role, the next responsibility, but I think the self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses are really important to be able to make sure you're showing value on a consistent basis.” - Jenna Fidellow

Be empathetic.

Be empathetic, Jenna Fidellow - Pass the Mic

Highlight: “Females in leadership positions and the acceptance, finally, that being empathetic, being a good listener, all these female, sort of maybe traditionally female, attributes, these mom qualities, are very valuable in a leadership position. - Jenna Fidellow

You don’t have to be an expert IN EVERYTHING.

You don’t have to be an expert IN EVERYTHING, Jenna Fidellow - Pass the Mic

Highlight: “I found this path I talked about before because I pursued areas I was passionate about and that I thought were cool and interesting, and I wanted to know more. But I think you can get certificates, you can do additional training and skills—everybody should do that appropriately. I have myself. But it's learning as you go through the failures, through the successes, to be the best marketer that you can be… By no means do I myself as a leader, or do I think any leader, is or needs to be an expert IN EVERYTHING THEY DO. YOUR TEAM DELIVERY IS WHERE SUCCESSES HAPPEN.” - Jenna Fidellow

Let people shine.

Let people shine, Jenna Fidellow - Pass the Mic

Highlight: “It is critically important to hire people that lift you up and make you look better - and to let them shine because they are an expert in a certain space and an important piece of the puzzle. So, crafting that team and that bench of experts to be the shiny people in the room who know and love what they're doing is essential for a successful outcome.” - Jenna Fidellow

Jenna shined in this interview, and her words of wisdom were illuminating. For more motivation, check out more Pass the Mic content.

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