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Digital Audio is Trending with Influencers and Decision Makers

Feb 9, 2023

What if you could reach the people who influence today’s trends? We’re not talking about bringing back low-rise jeans or leg warmers. We’re talking about culturally influential Black and Hispanic audiences, young people who are coming into their own, and women who are running everything from homes to boardrooms. 

Digital audio is amplifying the voices of diverse creators, generating followings that impact entire generations, and closing the gender listening gap. And, more specifically, we’re changing the game and attracting key audiences that your brand can grow into. So, on the off-chance you are trying to bring leg warmers back, your ad dollars would be well spent with digital audio.

Hispanic Audiences are Spending More Time and Money

A recent Edison Research study found that Latinos in the U.S. control an impressive $1.9 trillion in spending.1 With purchasing power that strong, advertisers need to reach Hispanic audiences, and digital audio is a way to do just that. A massive 68% of all audio listening with Hispanic adults 18-49 is digital—and nearly half of that time is spent with streaming, podcasts, and satellite specifically.4 

When it comes to streaming, Pandora holds the #1 spot in daily ad-supported time spent listening, earning 15% of total daily share of audio time among Hispanic adults 18+. And Pandora gets 1.3x more listening time than Spotify ad-supported does with Hispanic listeners.2 

Digital audio is reaching Hispanic audiences

We can help you target this growing, engaged audience through the content they love, allowing you to craft messages that will resonate. With 76% of Latinos saying they feel proud and empowered when they see positive Latino representation in media and entertainment, creating culture-specific ads for these audiences can boost brand affinity and increase purchase intent.

Black Audiences are Loyal Listeners and Consumers

If consumer loyalty is important to your brand, then you can’t go wrong by winning over Black audiences. 

Some of the most loyal consumers are consumers from marginalized backgrounds. When we find a company or a brand that speaks to us and sees us and acknowledges us for who we are, we don't want to let them go. There is limitless possibility.

– Sam Sanders, journalist and host of Vibe Check

It’s true—66% of Black Americans say brands can earn their loyalty and trust by featuring the full spectrum of the Black community.4

And, yup, you guessed it: digital audio is a great way to reach Black audiences. With Black adults 18-49, 65% of all audio listening is digital. And 41% of their daily audio time is spent with streaming, podcasts, and satellite.2 Podcast listenership, in particular, is expanding quickly with these audiences, with 36% of Black Americans listening to podcasts.3

Digital audio is reaching Black audiences

We can help you reach Black audiences with relevant messages year-round (NOT just in February). Throw out the calendar-based approach to multicultural targeting and focus on authenticity and relevance. Create campaigns that directly tie into their personal experiences. Black Americans are searching for representation in their ads—51% prefer ads featuring diverse voices, and 54% say that ads featuring black voices get their attention more than ads that don’t.

Gen Z is Growing up With Digital Audio

What brand isn’t looking to get the attention of this up-and-coming generation? Gen Z is just starting to come into its own in terms of buying power—and what they can’t buy yet, they’re influencing their Gen X parents to purchase for them. Young people are out in the world with their headphones on, and they're tuning into digital audio—hence why they’re spending 77% of their time with audio.2 

digital audio is huge with Gen Z

When it comes to Gen Z and podcasting, 42% of them are listening.4 This creates a huge margin of earshare for a crowd that is made up of first-time car buyers, renters, or homeowners—meaning they have a lot of options to consider, and advertisers can take advantage of that by creating simple, informative, and thought-out campaigns that leave listeners feeling educated and safe to make a decision.

Women are Rounding out the Podcast Audience

Gone are the days where podcasts are aimed at one specific male-dominated audience. If you haven’t heard yet, the future of podcasting is female. According to a study we conducted with Edison Research, 71% of female monthly podcast listeners began listening just within the last three years.5 That means the podcast space is booming when it comes to women plugging in. 

Female podcasts listeners are likely to be young, affluent, and highly educated, with 61% having a college degree, 30% with a household income of 100K or more, and 43% aged between 18-34. Women aren’t just listening to podcasts; they’re supporting female podcasters. Over half of female listeners say they would listen to even more podcasts if they were hosted by women and were more focused on female stories or perspectives. And this affinity is extending into the brands that support women in podcasting. 

women support female artists and hosts

If you’re looking for an audience that has a strong influence across multiple ethnicities and cultures, look no further, because women have got you covered.

Ready to Make an Impression on High-Impact Audiences? 

What does all of this mean for your advertising strategy? It means Hispanic, Black, Gen Z, and female listeners are loving digital audio in all its forms, making it the perfect medium to reach diverse audiences. People are craving more representation to make themselves feel seen and supported, and they want to hear that come through in your advertisements. Creating an impactful message that incorporates the values these consumers hold dear, as well as including purposeful ad placement, gives advertisers the opportunity to connect in a genuine, authentic way. And partnering with SXM Media allows you to do just that. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's connect! 


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