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Apr 18, 2024

These days, podcast audiences skew toward a younger, more educated, more affluent crowd of women. Just consider this: From 2017 to 2022, there was a +67% increase in women who have listened to a podcast in the past month. The major factor driving this evolution? An unstoppable (and highly welcomed) influx of female podcast creators. 

The key to connecting with this growing audience of women is partnering with the powerful female voices they love. Just take their word for it: Roughly 50% of female listeners say they would feel more favorable about a brand if they knew it advertised on podcasts hosted or produced by women. And in our latest IG live event, Sophie Anderson, Associate Director, Sales Marketing, Podcasts, discussed exactly why it works (and how to do it correctly) with none other than Amelia Chappelow, Executive Producer at Earwolf, and Ashley Ray, host of the hit show, TV, I Say w/ Ashley Ray

Watch the recording below to hear what these ladies had to say about the power of female podcasters.

IG Live with Ashley Ray and Amelia Chappelow

Watch the IG Live recording now.

Short on time and need the quick hits from the conversation? Pop those headphones in for some gems from Ashley and Amelia.

A change for everybody.

A change for everybody. - Amelia Chappelow

Highlight: “What we’re seeing is a change for everybody—it’s a change for women and people of color and different communities to have the power to create their own stories and their own content, and then having that instant connection with listeners that want that.” - Amelia Chappelow

Passion makes it work.

Passion makes it work. - Ashley Ray

Highlight: “A lot of people had approached me about podcast ideas because I had written about television for the A.V. Club. But they were always very focused on, ‘Well, this is what's trendy right now.’...And I was always like, ‘Well, that sounds interesting, but it's not what I'm passionate about. That's just what you think is going to trend.’ And it’s only when I found what really clicked for me that things worked.” - Ashley Ray

Podcasts accompany them throughout the day.

Podcasts accompany them throughout the day. - Amelia Chappelow

Highlight: “I think one of the things driving women increasingly listening is that it doesn't take up our eyeballs. We can be listening and doing our tasks for the day…With podcasting, it is really accompanying us through our days in different ways.” - Amelia Chappelow

Letting hosts into their life.

Letting hosts into their life. - Ashley Ray

Highlight: “I know it's a different experience to invite someone into your car or while you're doing something and listen to them, versus taking that moment to pause and watch a clip on TikTok or YouTube. It's just kind of different...There’s just something about allowing a creator's voice to become embedded into your daily rhythm in life that can be really valuable.” - Ashley Ray

They want to listen to people they trust.

They want to listen to people they trust. - Ashley Ray

Highlight: “It goes back to that intimacy—people want to listen to the people that they trust. They believe it when someone says, ‘I like this drink’ or ‘I like this product.’ They're going to believe them and feel like, ‘You wouldn't recommend something to me that you wouldn't use yourself.’” - Ashley Ray

If you’re bummed you missed the live convo, don’t worry. Just hit that follow button on our Instagram page—we’ve got tons more exciting and insightful live events in the works. We’ll see you at the next one!


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