“Don’t be afraid to fail,” Amy Marino from HubSpot

Dec 6, 2023

Welcome to Pass the Mic and the Live Lessons series. Life happens in the moment—and so do opportunities to pass the mic. We’re having live conversations with powerful female leaders, giving them the opportunity to share their wisdom and mentor the masses.

Meet Amy Marino, Global Head of Brand at HubSpot, where she leads brand development & enablement, insights, advertising, social, media, and measurement & analytics. Amy believes that the best brands give you the feels. And her mission in both branding and leadership is to do just that. She’s tapping into emotion and behaviors to make people feel seen and supported.

Amy joined Jocelyn Hudak, Director, Content and Digital Marketing and Sophie Anderson, Associate Director, Podcast Sales Marketing for a Pass the Mic interview at Advertising Week New York. Get ready to feel the feels, and give the interview a listen.

Pass the Mic with Amy Marino - Full interview 

If you fail, figure out why you failed, and do it better the next time. It is the key to unlocking growth.

Amy MarinoGlobal Head of Brand at HubSpot

From taking the lessons unlocked by failure to being an approachable leader, here are some inspiring highlights.  

Failure is the best teacher.

Failure is the best teacher, Amy Marino - Pass the Mic

Highlight: “Don't be afraid to fail, all day, every day. Failure is the best teacher… If you fail, figure out why you failed, and do it better the next time. It is the key to unlocking growth. It is the key to unlocking radical candor and being accepting of feedback.”- Amy Marino

Get other people to weigh in.

Get other people to weigh in, Amy Marino - Pass the Mic

Highlight: “Getting other people to weigh in… I really think that they appreciate that, because then it gives them an opportunity to guide and direct and have a little bit of skin in the game of whatever it is that you're trying to do. And I think by nature, then they're going to have your back. They're going to stand up for the idea because they're invested in it and because a part of it is theirs.” - Amy Marino

Find time for thinking and creativity.

Find time for thinking and creativity, Amy Marino - Pass the Mic

Highlight: “Something that I definitely personally struggle with is: where do I find that deep thinking and creativity time?.. One of the things that you're going to need to figure out is: Where do you have that protected time to think deeply, where you're not in meetings, you're not being distracted?” - Amy Marino

Know what’s going on.

Know what’s going on, Amy Marino - Pass the Mic

Highlight: “I ask them three questions: What can I do better? What can your leader do better? Because I want to know if there's anything going on elsewhere in the team that needs to be addressed. And then, what thing is most annoying to you right now about showing up for your job every day that I can change?”- Amy Marino

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Repeat, repeat, repeat, Amy Marino - Pass the Mic

Highlight: “I think one of the things that I need to remind myself most as a leader is repeat, repeat, repeat... And so, trying to think through where all the places I can repeat this. Where can I codify it? Where can I put it into writing? How do other people learn best? And figuring that out and making that a part of my job that I focus on. Because if people don't understand how their day-to-day work is contributing to the larger vision of the company, it isn't motivating.”- Amy Marino

Here’s something worth repeating: We need more empathetic leaders like Amy. For more words of wisdom from powerful female leaders, check out our Pass the Mic page.

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