"Don't limit yourself," Neha Gupta Mallik from Mizkan

Feb 16, 2024

Welcome to Pass the Mic and the Live Lessons series. Life happens in the moment—and so do opportunities to pass the mic. We’re having live conversations with powerful female leaders, giving them the opportunity to share their wisdom and mentor the masses.

Meet Neha Gupta Mallik, Head of Connected Commerce at Mizkan America, where she works with brands like Ragu and Bertolli. Her goal is to build brands, create awareness, and grow household penetration. Neha has over 15 years of experience leading ecommerce and digital marketing initiatives for CPG manufacturers. She has a proven track record of delivering results and driving revenue. She’s been featured on the Brave Commerce and The CPG Guys podcasts and was on the panel at the Cleveland Research Company 2022 Ecommerce Summit.

Neha joined Jocelyn Hudak, Senior Director, Content and Digital Marketing for an interview at our Pass the Mic lounge at CES in Las Vegas, created in partnership with The Female Quotient. Get ready to test your limits and grow—give the full interview a listen.

Pass The Mic with Neha Gupta Mallik - Full Interview

Anything you do, do it with full desire, full confidence, and open mindedness because there's just so much to learn.

Neha Gupta MallikHead of Connected Commerce at Mizkan

Give it a shot.

Give it a shot, Neha Gupta Mallik - Pass The Mic

“Don't limit yourself to the possibilities that are out there… As the opportunities come about, at least give it a shot. Whether they are something that you had perceived for yourself or not, and build confidence while you're at it.” – Neha Malik

Be true to yourself.

Be true to yourself, Neha Gupta Mallik - Pass The Mic

Highlight: “Always be true to yourself. If you know that you made a mistake, accept it. Own up to it. Learn from it. But always bring it out, because otherwise it catches up to you.” – Neha Malik

Show confidence.

Show confidence, Neha Gupta Mallik - Pass The Mic

Highlight: “I really had to show that confidence in myself, because being a female entrepreneur or individual out there in the workforce… it wasn't so common in leadership roles. And I think that gave me that push and the drive to say, ‘I can do it. If anybody can do it, I can do it.’” – Neha Malik

Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Know your strengths and weaknesses, Neha Gupta Mallik - Pass The Mic

“Be very mindful and aware of what your skills are, what your strengths are and weaknesses are, so you can play off each other, and not be afraid of asking the right questions, not be afraid of saying that you don't know, that you're willing to learn.“ – Neha Malik

Reach out and ask people.

Reach out and ask people, Neha Gupta Mallik - Pass The Mic

“Always reach out and ask people if they would be willing to share their knowledge, because that's not something you learn in school. And what experience brings and what people can bring is significant.” – Neha Malik

Take a step back.

Take a step back, Neha Gupta Mallik - Pass The Mic

Highlight: “Don't ever take the quick decisions when you're in the heart of the emotions. Always take a step back and think through it… Take a step back and really see the big picture, not what you see in the moment, because there's obviously often two sides of the story.” – Neha Malik

Neha inspires us to reimagine what we can achieve as we push ourselves to learn and grow. For more inspiration from amazing female leaders, check out our Pass the Mic content page.

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