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Don't Stop the Music: Current Lifestyle Changes & Trends

Ciara Fanlo, Content & Industry MktgJun 19, 2020

What’s been the most interesting change in your routine? There are the obvious, massive adjustments — not leaving our homes as much, doing work from the bedroom, and moving social life online. But there are also lots of specific ways that the current crisis has transformed day-to-day life.

What has not eating out meant for home cooking? Why are people playing with model trains again? How have home office furniture rentals jumped 300%? (And, since when was furniture rental even a thing?)

Here are some of the smaller ways your audience’s lives are changing, moment to moment — and how music has remained the constant.

Time to Take Your Vitamins

In a crisis like this, having good health is a top priority. There has been high demand for nutritional supplements. With consumers more wellness-conscious, immunity-branded products are especially seeing a peak interest.

With gyms closed and walks outside more risky, people are trying to get their sweat on inside. One survey looked at online search interests, and found that since the outbreak, people were looking for at home workouts +488%, and home yoga +222%.

While some people may have become focused on health recently, their interest will remain long after this is over. Also, telemedicine — doctor’s appointments and consultations done over video chat — likely here to stay. Even when doctors offices reopen, the convenience and efficiency of a virtual appointment will remain appealing.

Music may be just what the doctor ordered — numerous studies document the health benefits of music, and hospitals have become increasingly invested in sonically upgrading their spaces. There’s a reason pharma companies are reaching their audience on Pandora.

Amateur (Cooking) Hour

Similarly, many of the trends we’ve seen with cooking will keep as well. In one recent survey, 54% of respondents said they cook more than before the pandemic, 75% said they have become more confident in the kitchen and 51% said they will continue to cook more after the crisis ends.

Baking is also on the rise. In another survey, a third of respondents said they are baking at home more, and 20% said they will be likely to continue. Nutrition and health are interrelated — 30% said they are eating more healthily and intend to continue, and 21% are eating well to manage existing health conditions.

Though restaurants are slowly reopening with takeaway options or social distanced dining, people’s newfound commitment to their kitchen will continue. And, they’ll be playing streaming playlists to complement their culinary endeavors. Because music doesn’t just elevate the pre-meal mood — it can also make food taste up to 10% more sweet or salty.

Party From Your Couch

Most of our interactions must take place online — people are scheduling FaceTime dates, watching movies together, and having work calls on Zoom. People are spending 20% more time on social media apps, using these networks to keep in touch and stay connected.

The digital space has now become the site for all major cultural moments, social events, and celebrations. Recently, high school and college graduates celebrated their achievements with virtual commemorations. One benefit of this change is the all-star commencement speech lineup. For example, DJ Khaled, Common, and top Chicago athletes honored Chicago high school graduates in a broadcast ceremony.

Local bands are also conducting virtual practices and many music festivals, such as Tomorrowland , are moving online.

We’re Jugglers Now

With no commute or going out with friends, we all finally have time to read that novel we’ve been meaning to. With the extra hours, people have been devoting time back to their pleasurable pursuits. With hobbies ranging from origami and model trains, to sewing pillowcases or juggling a soccer ball, people are finding the silver lining in so much free time. And, as with many activities, background music is essential to the experience.

As we gradually ease into going outside (and ahem, washing our hair again), the bigger question is, which of the above trends will stay? There are lots of events in our history that have forever changed the way we operate, and undoubtedly, this is one of them.

No matter your industry, however, music will play a major role as we all recover.

A powerful psychological tool, music can influence our moods, mindsets, and behaviors. For example, think of the retail landscape. Shop Owners harness the power of music to influence customers; it can encourage positive feelings, impact the impression of time, and enhance a brand identity.

To start envisioning how your brand will play in that soundtrack, visit SoundCheck for more information, insights, inspiration.

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