Feel the Magic of Abbey Road Studios with Isabel Garvey

Jul 31, 2020
Feel the Magic of Abbey Road Studios with Isabel Garvey

Welcome to our Power of Audio Podcast. This episode is part of our Pandora Presents Pass the Mic series—an initiative that amplifies women’s voices in the audio industry and explores how audio has played a role in their success.

At first glance, you may think that only the best of the best are allowed to record behind the big, beautiful oak doors that open into the legendary Abbey Road Studios. But, that’s not true—thanks to the careful direction of one Isabel Garvey.

Isabel, a music industry veteran, became Managing Director of Abbey Road Studios in 2014. Under her leadership the company has implemented the largest investment in their studio spaces since its inception—launching Equalize (a gender equality initiative), Abbey Road Red (a tech incubator), and Abbey Road Institute (an educational arm)—all working to increase accessibility to studio resources and expertise for artists everywhere.

Tune in to Isabel’s episode for a fascinating conversation on:

  • How a career in finance led to managing one of the most famous studios in the world

  • Reopening in the wake of a global pandemic

  • Harnessing the power of innovation to keep Abbey Road Studios relevant and foster the work of emerging artists through Abbey Road Red

  • The importance of ally-ship in forging and advancing careers for women

  • Reflecting the diversity and inclusivity of the music industry in Abbey Road Studios recruitment and employment processes

Host: Lauren D. Williams; Producer: Ella Tatum

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