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Fight CTV Fragmentation: Reach Consumers with Digital Audio

Nov 20, 2023

With 79% of listening taking place when visual media is not available, digital audio is the better, binge-friendly option for reaching consumers.

CTV is attracting eyes, and that’s what advertisers want to see. Streaming TV services brought on-demand, bingeable entertainment to more homes (often ad-free). But the crowded landscape is causing audiences to lose focus—and unsubscribe, with 48% of adults 18+ saying they have a hard time keeping up with streaming video services.

The average household subscribes to 5.5 video streaming services, which informs the 47% churn rate. This fragmentation in the CTV space makes it challenging for advertisers to reach consumers consistently through the medium. 

It’s time to go where your brand messages can be heard.

Binging Anywhere and Feeling Fine 

Streaming video has a leg up on traditional TV when it comes to convenience and control—but it’s got nothing on digital audio. Audiences can be active and productive while listening, with listeners saying streaming audio is nearly two times more of a mood booster than streaming video. They can easily access music, talk, and podcasts to give them a boost and keep them entertained whenever they want. And with 79% of listening taking place when visual media is not available, digital audio is the better, binge-friendly option for reaching consumers.

Listening Everywhere—Ads and All

Even as ad-supported options join the CTV landscape, ad-free still wins with streaming video audiences. Over nine in ten of our listeners 18+ have access to any ad-free streaming video service. Meanwhile, 87% of our audiences across platforms listen with ads. That means as they’re listening throughout the day, when their hands and eyes are engaged, you can reach consumers with digital audio.

Paying More Attention to Audio Ads

For too long, advertisers have been hung up on visuals, convinced that they are better at getting consumer attention. Turns out, they aren't. A landmark study from dentsu and Lumen Research shows that audio ads exceed benchmarks and outperform visuals. Audio ads drove 50% more attention than the Attention Economy benchmark across video, TV, social, and display. They also pushed brand recall and brand choice lifts above benchmarks.

Reach Younger Audiences with Digital Audio

Still need a reason to advertise with digital audio? Well, Gen Zers spend 94% more time with audio than streaming TV, and millennials spend 66% more time. So, you have a better chance of reaching these highly coveted demographics with audio. And digital audio listeners spend four hours and 50 minutes listening each day (that’s +56% more than non-digital listeners).

Ready to update your media plan? Curious to see how digital audio compares to traditional TV, CTV, and social media? Check out Digital Audio vs.


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