Gen Z is the Queerest Generation: Connecting through Audio

Kristia Watkins Melendez, Senior Specialist, Multicultural MarketingJun 4, 2024

Effectively reaching the youngest and queerest generation through their earbuds means understanding their relationship with audio.

Over 2.4M Americans identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, and Gen Z is the queerest generation of them all. More than one in four Gen Zers identify as LGBTQ+, compared to one in 50 boomers, showing the younger generation’s willingness to live life outside of the binaries of sexuality and gender. 

In addition to being the most sexually and gender fluid, Gen Z is also more racially and ethnically diverse than previous generations. For brands looking to connect with them, it’s important to understand how these digital natives consume audio.

Audio is a safe space for queer listeners, especially queer Gen Zers, who feel that audio has a positive impact on their mental health and wellbeing (87%). Whether it’s listening to the new Young Miko album on loop, joining the weekly conversation on the Vibe Check podcast, or connecting with their favorite fandoms, audio is a sonic connection to their communities, IRL and virtually. 

Queer Gen Zers’ Everyday Companion: Audio  

Queer Gen Z listeners are all ears when it comes to music, listening an average of 73 hours a month. Music is important to this demographic— three in five say they can’t get through a day without it. With their everyday companion, they prefer a platform that gives them every single song, album, and genre with the tap of a finger, with 88% reporting listening to a streaming service monthly.

Like music, podcasts are also a way for queer Gen Z listeners to find community—many finding companionship in the medium (146 index). Queer Gen Zers see podcasts as a trustworthy source for information and connection. From true crime junkies looking for a fix, to pop culture fans wanting the latest news, to listeners just looking for a laugh, podcasts are a source of connection and community. 

Reach Queer Gen Z Listeners Anywhere, Anytime

So, what does this all mean for brands interested in audio advertising? Our streaming and podcast networks feature the most dynamic slate of ad-supported streaming audio, with the best-in-class targeting to connect with queer Gen Zers where they’re most engaged. 


Pandora taps into queer Gen Zers’ preference for up-and-coming artists, introducing listeners to new artists and songs through its predictive algorithm. And as community builders, they also love Pandora’s shareability features, sharing their playlists with friends through the app and social media. 


SoundCloud is the youngest streaming audio platform in terms of demographics, with Gen Z making up 43% of listeners and an average user age that is eight years younger than competitive services. Like Pandora, SoundCloud users love its discoverability features, giving them the ability to find the underground artists who use the platform as a launch pad. 


The SiriusXM Media Podcast Network showcases a wide range of experiences and narratives across the LGBTQ+ spectrum and beyond. With award-winning shows with queer hosts like Why Won’t You Date Me, Vibe Check, and The Read, our podcast network helps brands tap into the authenticity and trust inherent in these shows when connecting with listeners.

Show Your Colors All Year Round

When reaching queer Gen Z listeners, it’s important to remember that they’re looking for authentic connections and representation in the media they consume. To resonate with this demographic through audio, brands should celebrate the artists that represent them and highlight the voices they relate to. Most importantly, brands should show their allyship year round. By showing solidarity with the community through consistent thoughtful campaigns, brands can build long-lasting relationships that grow with these consumers as they age. 

Reach out to our Fluency team to learn more about how your brand can connect with Queer Gen Z audiences on our platforms. Let’s talk.


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