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Sep 28, 2023

TV & film, music, society & culture, and good old-fashioned gossip—listeners are indulging and savoring every moment of the content. From in-depth discussions, to heart-to-heart interviews, to all-out gabfests, audiences are tuning into lifestyle & entertainment podcasts for on-demand satisfaction. These genres attract chatty types who love to be in the know and share the latest with friends and family, and they bring out these traits in even the most reserved listeners. That’s why it’s a great fit for brands that want to get the word out about their products and services.

These Listeners Want More

Nothing travels faster than gossip, so it’s not surprising that lifestyle & entertainment podcast downloads increased 52% last year. Pop culture moments are happening all the time, and the incidents and scandals of yesterday are still up for discussion. So, these listeners have to tune in every day to stay in the know, with 70% considering podcasts a part of their daily routine (a routine that leaves plenty of room for brands to chime in).

Lifestyle & Entertainment Podcasts Bring Pure Joy

With over nine in 10 saying they listen to be entertained, lifestyle & entertainment listeners are here for a good time, making it a great time to reach them. In addition to the big entertainment factor, 66% say podcasts help them pass the time. And they’re not just living their best lives as they listen, 79% say they’ve researched a product they heard advertised on a podcast.

Listeners Are Actively Looking Forward to the Next Episode 

Brands, take note: 91% of lifestyle & entertainment listeners say they look forward to new episodes of their favorite podcasts. That means your ads can be a part of all that eager anticipation. For these listeners, the only downside of podcasts is that the episodes come to an end. Lucky for audiences, lifestyle & entertainment creators are producing more content in more formats all the time, with new shows on the horizon. 

Lifestyle & Entertainment Listeners Love the Hosts

Two in three lifestyle & entertainment listeners say they feel a personal connection to the host. They also understand the role of brand support, with 88% saying they’re open to ads voiced by the host. Podcast advertisers know that it’s the host-listener relationship that really brings their brand messages home—and this genre delivers authentic connections.

Catch Listeners in a Good Mood

Lifestyle & entertainment podcasts foster good vibes, making the genre a great place for brands to get the good word out about their products and services. An impressive 80% of genre listeners have researched a product they heard about in a podcast ad and 59% made a purchase.

Ready to Reach Lifestyle & Entertainment Podcast Listeners?

You’re probably ready to get in on the good life that lifestyle & entertainment podcast listeners are living. And we’re ready to dish on just who they are. In our latest podcast listener report, we focused on the who’s who, taking a deep dive into who listeners are by genre.

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