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Get to Know the Latino Podcast Listener Before Your Next Campaign

Apr 18, 2023

The number of Latino podcast listeners is growing—just like the Hispanic and Latino populations in the U.S. That’s why Edison Research put out The Latino Podcast Listener Report. Here’s what brands need to know to reach into this powerful audience.

Let’s kick things off with some key facts. There are 62.1 million Hispanic people living in the U.S., making up the second largest racial or ethnic group—a population that has grown 23% since the 2010 census.1 So, if your brand isn’t reaching the rapidly growing Hispanic and Latino population, you’re missing out on influencing an audience with an impressive $1.9 trillion in spending power.2

And a media channel that’s growing just as fast? Podcasts. Much like the general, female, and Black populations, podcasts are popular with Latino audiences. In fact, 59% of Latino adults have ever listened to a podcast—that’s up +14pts since 2020. And 34% of Latino adults 18+ are monthly listeners.2 The Latino Podcast Listener Report 2022 from Edison Research uncovers what motivates this large and growing audience. Here are the takeaways for advertisers.

Listening in English and Spanish

The majority of Latino monthly podcast listeners are comfortable with content in both English and Spanish. Though 90% of this audience has listened to a podcast that’s mostly in English in the last month, 64% have listened to a show mostly in Spanish.2

Latino podcast listeners listen in English and Spanish

Brand Takeaway: Advertisers can reach Latino podcast listeners with both English- and Spanish-language content. The key is finding the topics and genres that resonate with this audience (more on that below). 

Pro Tip: Multicultural audiences respond better to culture-specific ads. Brand relevance and cultural consciousness sentiments increased +8% with Hispanic, Black, and AAPI audiences after hearing a culture-specific ad (compared to general market and multicultural ads).3

Leaning Toward Latino Creators

As podcast listenership grows with Latino audiences, they’re looking for content that speaks to them, making a genuine connection. And Latino creators are getting behind the mic to deliver—24% of podcast creators are Latino. These hosts can cater to the duality of the U.S. Latino experience, and listeners are loving it, with 66% listening to a podcast with a Latino host in the last month.2

Latino podcast listeners seek content from Latino podcast hosts

Brand Takeaway: Simply put, advertisers who want to reach Latino podcast listeners should run ads on shows with Latino creators.  

Pro Tip: Pitaya Entertainment and ReVolver Podcasts offer shows from Latino creators, and we can help brands advertise on them.

Loving Different Genres

When it comes to the general population, comedy, news, and true crime are at the top of the charts, but that list of popular genres looks a little different for Latino monthly podcast listeners. Music, comedy, and society and culture are the top three categories resonating with this audience.2

Latino podcast listeners tune into different genres

Brand Takeaway: With 54% of Latino monthly podcast listeners picking podcasts based on what they’re interested in,2 advertisers need to lean into the content categories this audience loves.

Pro Tip: Use targeting options to reach audiences by category, inventory source, and more.  

Responding Well to Ads

In general, podcast audiences are receptive to ads. Not only is there an understanding that brand support is supporting their favorite hosts, but the leaned-in nature of listening makes the ads both memorable and effective. And Latino monthly podcast listeners are right on trend, with 69% saying they’ve gathered more information about a company or product after hearing a podcast ad.2

Podcast ads inspire Latino podcast listeners to take action

Brand Takeaway: When people listen to podcasts, they’re not only receptive to ads, but they’re also taking action in response.

Pro Tip: Latino monthly podcast listeners who have listened to a podcast by a Latino creator in the last month are even more receptive to ads, showing lifts across the board by an average of +7pts.2

Part of Our Audience

Latino podcast listeners are tuning into the SiriusXM Podcast Network. We offer a diverse content slate, and our exclusive partnership with Pitaya Entertainment and ReVolver Podcasts deliver even more content developed for Hispanic and Latino audiences.

Latino podcast listeners listen to the SiriusXM Podcast Network

If you’re ready to reach a large and growing audience of Latino podcast listeners, let’s talk.


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