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Give Your Campaign a Boost with Health & Wellness Podcasts

Sep 19, 2023

With a 95% increase in health & wellness podcast downloads last year, it’s safe to say that listeners are loving the genre.

Our lives have completely changed in the wake of 2020: mind, body, and soul have been prioritized. And podcasts are the panacea that have helped listeners get through the tough times and lead better lives in the here and now.

People want to feel better, and they’re embracing health & wellness podcasts to do it. Doctor visits, gym memberships, and therapy appointments cost time and money, creating barriers for many. With podcasts, listeners can tap into expert advice on their schedule for free. And because 67% of health & wellness podcast listeners say they feel a personal connection to the hosts of the shows they listen to, brands can leverage these positive relationships to deliver authentic messages to consumers.

Advertise on Health & Wellness podcasts to reach key audiences

Content Downloads Nearly Doubled

Audiences are energized by this content, making it a great opportunity for advertisers to reach them with increasing regularity. Nearly one in three health & wellness podcast listeners are listening more than they did a year ago. And with a 95% increase in health & wellness content downloads last year, it’s safe to say that listeners are loving the genre. 

It’s a Podcast a Day for These Listeners

In the fitness space, they think reps, but in advertising, it’s more about frequency. Nearly eight in 10 health & wellness podcast listeners are listening daily—giving brands plenty of options for hitting that ad frequency sweet spot. These listeners over-index for listening to podcasts as they start and end their day (108), cook (111), eat (111), and spend time with family and friends (122).

Health & Wellness Listeners Are Spreading the Word

Recommendations from loved ones (67%) is the second most popular way health & wellness listeners discover new content after hearing about them on other podcasts (82%). This sense of community extends to ads, with 46% saying they talked to friends or family about a product or service advertised on a podcast.

Health & Wellness Podcasts Are Making an Impact

Brands want consumers to feel good about their products and services and have a positive opinion of the company. And leveraging the inherently good vibes that come with the health & wellness space can help brands achieve that goal. Health & wellness podcast listeners over-index (133) for saying podcasts are important for their mental health. And with 63% saying podcasts offer diverse perspectives and opinions, these listeners are open to hearing new information.

A Great Prognosis for Brands

Health & wellness listeners are looking to improve all aspects of their lives. The content is not only how they start and end their day, but 71% say they listen to podcasts in a hands-free manner, like when they’re getting ready, calling it a night, and all moments in between. This means brands have an opportunity to reach listeners with relevant self-improvement messages.

Lifts in all the Right Places

Contextually relevant ads in Nutrition Diva drive significant lifts in intent and action for a CPG personal care product, exceeding Nielsen norms.

  • Objective: Generate awareness and affinity for the product among female health & wellness podcast listeners 25-44, driving lifts in action and intent brand metrics.


  • Contextual Alignment: Reach an engaged audience by integrating brand messaging with relevant themes and subject matter that align with the content.

  • Authentic Messaging: Utilize host-read ads to provide an authentic voice to the creative messaging, while establishing a positive connection with listeners.


  • Awareness: +30pt lift in awareness (exceeding Nielsen norms by +19pts)

  • Consideration: +15pt lift in intent to seek more info (exceeding Nielsen norms by +8pts)

  • Purchase: +12pt lift in purchase intent (exceeding Nielsen norms by +7pts) 

Ready to Reach Health & Wellness Podcast Listeners?

If you’re ready to give your next campaign a healthy boost, it’s time to get to know the health & wellness audience. In our latest podcast listener report, we focused on the who’s who, taking a deep dive into who listeners are by genre.

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