HerStory Unplugged—Amplifying Women’s Voices Through Podcasts

MaryKate Breslin, Senior Manager, Market ResearchMar 1, 2024

March is Women’s History Month—a time to honor the remarkable achievements and legacies of women from the past and present. From media to medicine, and everything in between, women have played a pivotal role in driving change and influencing culture, leaving a discernible footprint in the past and carving an equitable path for the future.

Ears Wide Open–She’s Listening

With women driving such a profound cultural impact and facilitating change, it’s no surprise they’ve embraced podcasts more than ever. The inclusive environment, inspirational stories, and insightful commentary have built supportive communities where women can connect, share, and find solidarity with others. And as a result, there’s been a +27% increase in weekly podcast listening among women since 2020.

The Secret Sauce That Draws Women to Podcasts

From the topics of conversation, to the year-round celebration of female empowerment, to the spotlights being shone, one thing is clear—the draw of podcasts for women is undeniable. Here’s why. 

Breaking Boundaries With Transparency & Vulnerability

Through its innate storytelling nature, podcasting continues to push the limits of traditional media and destigmatize sensitive subject matter that might otherwise be considered “taboo.” As these topics become more mainstream, women are shifting their attention to podcasts as a resource for knowledge across various categories. As a result, 59% of female podcast listeners say podcasts are better than other media platforms because they provide unfiltered and raw conversations. Meanwhile, 42% say they create a shared space for open dialogue and discussion.

Celebrating Women, 365 Days a Year

Half of female podcast listeners say podcasts provide a platform to celebrate and support female voices throughout the year—not just during Women’s History Month. So, how do we celebrate female voices all year round and represent women through audio content? We lend them the proverbial microphone to join the conversation, diving into their personal stories, struggles, and triumphs. And the listeners eat it up.

Giving Every Voice a Stage

Female-hosted podcasts provide representation for women in the media landscape. In fact, one in two female podcast listeners say they seek out female hosted podcasts. By hearing from female hosts, listeners can see themselves reflected and represented in podcasting, which is both empowering and validating. These hosts bring diverse perspectives to the table, offering insights across a wide range of topics that resonate with women’s lives and interests.

Your Brand and Female Podcast Hosts: The Ultimate Power Couple

So how does all of this play into your decision to partner with female hosts? The bottom line is that when you do, you can expect serious results.

Inspiring and Impacting

Studies have shown that listeners are motivated to action after hearing an ad on their favorite female-hosted podcast. Why, you might ask? Because of the trust factor. Reports found that 41% of female podcast listeners say that podcast hosts are more relatable than other media platforms.

Brand Equity Meets Female Empowerment

The power of female podcast hosts is evident. Even more powerful, though, is the opportunity brands have to elevate their brand equity with female-hosted podcasts. By harnessing the influence of these powerful voices, brands can join the conversation, invest in women’s agency, and drive brand loyalty.

The Future Is Female

As women continue to embrace podcasts as the primary medium for female empowerment, there are endless opportunities for brands to invest in women and contribute to a more inclusive and diverse podcast landscape. And we can help make it happen for you. The SiriusXM Podcast Network reaches 27% of weekly female podcast listeners ages 18–more than any other podcast network, according to Edison Podcast Metrics for Q4 2023. 

Leverage the power of podcasts and partner with #1 podcast network in reaching women to elevate women’s voices and drive equity for your brand. Podcasts are the medium where women can be seen, heard, and valued. Let's talk.


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