How 3 Women are Driving Social Impact on the Job

May 11, 2021

Unilever Spotlights on Female Leaders

How 3 Women are Driving Social Impact in on the Job

Major corporations, with sales exceeding billions of dollars every year, hold a certain responsibility when it comes to the global and societal impact of their work. Consumers demand more from their brands, as they seek to invest in goods and services that make positive impacts on the environment, their communities and more.

Unilever, a multinational CPG leader with over 400 brands, has risen to meet these challenges. Focused on delivering goods that consumers can feel good about, but also creating an internal community that fosters growth and progress.

In celebration of Pass the Mic, we are joined by three of Unilever’s leading women to hear their unique perspectives on Unilever’s culture, female empowerment, and corporate investment:

Cara Sabin and Laura Fruitman both operate their brands, Sundial Brands and The Right To Shower, within Unilever’s umbrella. While Stefani Millie Grant was the driving force behind Unilever annual day of service and The United for America Program, which launched in 2020.

Tune in for a deep dive into how Unilever is cultivating value driven brands, giving back to their communities, and spotlighting female leadership at every level.

To learn more about United For America and Unilever’s annual day of service please visit

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