How to Make Generative AI Work for Your Advertising Strategy

Mar 11, 2024

AI is everywhere. It’s also the industry’s hottest buzzword. But when it comes to actually implementing and utilizing this technology in advertising, the path forward isn’t so clear.

For instance, how do you capitalize on generative AI without losing the ever-important human element that makes ads successful? What has worked in real-world use cases? Where do you even start when it comes to the vast landscape of tools available? 

We answered all this and more in our latest LinkedIn Audio Event, Generative AI: An Actionable Conversation for Brands. Listen to the recording in full as Jenn LaRocco, Vice President, Strategic Accounts SiriusXM Media; Steve Keller, Sonic Strategy Director, Studio Resonate; and Brandon Kaplan, Chief Innovation Officer at Journey offer up their insights on how to leverage the power of this amazing technology effectively.

Generative AI: An Actionable Conversation for Brands - Full Interview

Where is the human in the loop?

Where is the human in the loop? - Brandon Kaplan

Highlight:  “In almost every discussion that we're having with clients about (generative AI) opportunities and what to build and what to do, it always comes back to this kind of, ‘Where is the human in the loop?’... So it's really putting a human centered design lens on the execution of AI. And that's been really interesting to watch people going through that process and focusing the spotlight back on the human experience.” - Brandon Kaplan

Focus on the key themes.

Focus on key themes - Brandon Kaplan

Highlight: "The best way that we've seen people get really senior stakeholder buy-in and budgets unlocked and centers of excellence unlocked is to try and really dial that in and focus on the key themes that would be of impact to your business that you want to achieve. Then whittle down to a small handful of use cases that would really, really be a change for the business or would really impact the business in a positive way." - Brandon Kaplan

Drive hyper-personalized messages.

Drive hyper-personalized messages. - Brandon Kaplan

Highlight: "Carvana did a really cool campaign last year where it was over a million custom commercials that got generated that celebrated the anniversary of somebody purchasing a car. And so it was a video that got sent to people. It had custom synthetic audio, and they had custom synthetic visuals, and this whole narrative that got created around the day, the time, the year, the season, what was happening when that person bought their car. It was almost a love letter to that car owner, and it was just this beautiful ability to show how I can drive these hyper-personalized messages." - Brandon Kaplan

See how far you can push it.

See how far you can push it. - Brandon Kaplan

Highlight: "I think once you actually get people playing with the sub-functionalities, the data visualizations, the data science, some of the other functions that live inside of those core tools we all have access to, it opens people's eyes to what this could possibly be. So just digging down a second or third layer deep in some of the tools you're already using and seeing how far you can push it."

Looking for more insights and conversations just like this? If so, join our community on LinkedIn. We’re excited to be rolling out a robust calendar full of LinkedIn Audio Events covering the most prevalent and pressing topics in the audio advertising space. We’ll catch you at the next one!

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