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How to Use Audience Data to Drive Your Next Podcast Campaign

Sep 29, 2023

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Here's something you probably already know: Podcasts are huge. But you might not be as familiar the listeners making this space so powerful. Lucky for you, we dove into just that in our latest webinar, How to Use Audience Data to Drive Your Next Podcast Campaign.

Powered by our 2023 podcast trends report, this webinar offers an inside look at the listeners driving the momentum behind the most popular genres—comedy, news, true crime, health & wellness, and lifestyle & entertainment. And did we mention our special guests? Podcrushed hosts Penn Badgley and Nava Kavelin joined us to chat about the power of podcasts, how they connect to their fans, and what they look for when working with advertisers.

Key Takeaways

Want the executive summary of what we dug into? We've got you covered.

1. Podcasts Are Revitalizing Old Favorites

The most-loved genres (comedy, news, true crime, health & wellness, and lifestyle & entertainment) aren't exactly new or groundbreaking, but podcasts are giving them new life—and fans are here for it. Thanks to the intimate nature of the format, listeners are trading time spent with other media for podcasts.

2. There's More than Meets the Eye

Let's be real: When it comes to podcast content, it's easy to make generalizations and assumptions. But don't be fooled thinking all female true crime fans are the same or men consume more news content than women. Once you start to dig a little deeper into the demographics, you'll see that these audiences are a lot more nuanced than one might assume.

3. You Have to Follow the Listener

Don't get comfortable with what you know. While a podcast space might feel like foreign territory to you, its content might be a part of your target audience's everyday routine. Taking cues from your target audience and supporting the content they love can have powerful impact.

4. Don't Be Afraid to Cast a Wide Net

If you want to fully tap into the diversity of podcast listenership, casting a wide net is essential. Making targeting adjustments and scaling across a the network can give your brand personality and dimension that attracts consumers even more.

Highlights You Don't Want to Miss

Don't have time right now to watch it in full? Need to jump back to a key moments? Not a problem. Here's are some highlights:

  • 04:17 — Test your knowledge of what podcast audiences really look like with our quick, two-minute quiz.

  • 06:44 — Get to know each of our five key podcast genres and the listeners driving them.

  • 22:20 — Find out what inspired Penn and Nava to get into the audio space and start their podcast, Podcrushed.

  • 32:30 — Listen to Penn talk about how the innate vulnerability and intimacy of podcasting allows for connection between host and audience.

  • 33:41 — Find out what makes Nava and Penn excited to work with an advertiser.

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