How We're Changing the Podcast Advertising Game

Jul 28, 2022

It’s no secret—podcasts are big with audiences. Listeners are demanding more content, and creators are delivering. Just check out our latest Podcast Trends Report.

Podcasts have the power to unite listeners and creators—and brands. You, as the advertiser, can make an authentic connection with your listeners without disrupting the current status quo. Podcasts can be a tricky space to navigate, but we have the expertise to guide you through it.

We Give You Listener Insights 

Pressing play on a podcast is a choice—a decision to lean in and engage with a long-form listening experience. It’s a distinctly different mentality than browsing a webpage or listening to background music. Listeners are opting in, ready to absorb and be immersed in the storytelling of podcasts.

The relationship between listeners and podcast hosts is special. As they learn, laugh, and grow, listeners feel like they’re part of the conversation. They trust hosts and creators to deliver authentic messages. As a result, podcast listeners are receptive to ads.

And as the landscape grows, we are continuing to invest in knowing our audiences with studies such as the Black Listener Report, and more to come. 

Podcast Listener Stats SXM Media

The Tools to Reach Them 

Podcasts are an incredible opportunity for brands to connect with consumers when they’re most engaged. Podcast advertising allows you to tap into the authenticity and popularity of the medium, leveraging the relationship listeners have with their favorite shows and hosts. 

If you’re ready to get started with podcast advertising, here’s how we can help make your next campaign a success. 

Investments in Tech and Content 

We have the #1 podcast network. From the acquisitions of Stitcher, Simplecast, and AdsWizz to exclusive relationships with AudioChuck, NBCU, and Crooked Media (to name just a few) to Team Coco joining the SXM Media family, we’ve been making significant  investments in our network for years. But we’re not just about big names. We help nurture and grow creators of all sizes, helping them monetize their content so they can keep doing what they love.

Listeners can’t get enough. Our diverse podcast slate features big Hollywood talent, award-winning hosts, and emerging stars. And that means we’re able to give you more access to exclusive content, formats, and, most importantly, audiences. We can help you reach your customers with audience-based targeting at scale and contextual targeting all while respecting the listener's journey and their relationship with the host. 

Audience Both On and Off Platform 

Our podcast solutions allow you to reach audiences where they are. With access to 57 million podcast listeners1, we reach nearly 1 in 2 listeners every month2. When you make us your podcast advertising partner, your ads are syndicated to any podcast player, including major platforms like Stitcher, Pandora, Apple, Spotify, and Google. No matter how your target audience is listening, we can help you reach them. 

Solutions that Meet Your Individual Needs 

We have the ad formats and advertising solutions you need to reach your campaign goals. As we continue to balance automation and customization, we’re staying mindful of the intimate relationship that exists in the podcast world. We want to connect you with the right solutions to meet your goals. 

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First-to-Market Creative 

Studio Resonate, our audio-first creative consultancy, crafts best-in-class audio ads. This team of audio experts takes sound to the sixth dimension, ensuring your messages resonate with listeners. With nearly a decade of experience, Studio Resonate is deeply invested in telling your story and creating great ads specifically for the podcast environment.

From giving host reads the personal touch to vocal talent curated based on psychology and sonic science for announcer reads, brands and creators alike can feel confident in the connections they’re making. We will continue to push the limits to understand what makes the most effective ad, resulting in a positive experience for the listener, the creator, and the advertiser. 

And the Content They Love 

Our podcast solutions offer you access to 5,000+ podcast shows, including 350+ exclusive shows, with innovative capabilities that range from turnkey to custom. We can accommodate show-level buying against compelling content and host access, while also allowing scaled solutions with 20 targetable category genres and audience targeting at scale. This includes popular titles like Crime Junkie and Dateline

If you’re ready to get into the podcast advertising, we can help.


1. Triton Podcast Metrics, Dec-21 and Podwave Internal Metrics, SXM Podcast Network General

2. Edison Research, 2021 Infinite Dial 116 million monthly podcast listeners as base

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