SXM Media at IAB Podcast Upfront 2021

May 21, 2021

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As the preeminent omnichannel audio entertainment company in the US, SXM Media offers the largest addressable audience – 150 million monthly listeners – with its dominance in all categories of digital audio; from satellite radio to streaming music, and now the latest frontier: Podcasts!

In fall 2020, Stitcher joined the growing portfolio, bolstering collective cross-platform reach to 24% of weekly podcast listeners. As we continue our relentless pursuit of innovating and connecting the audio space, we remain steadfast in our consumer-centric approach to ad-supported listening that drives brand outcomes while honoring and enhancing the listener experience. This commitment has attracted and retained leading creators, from celebrities to academics, each with passionate, engaged, and steadily surging listenership.

In this presentation we’ll spotlight creators churning out the premium content powering immersive audio experiences and impactful connections for listeners and advertisers alike, share new insights on ad performance relating to format and duration, and pull back the curtain on our fresh slate of programming with a special surprise guest!

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