Infographic: Your Asian American Audience and the Power of Sound

Aug 11, 2020

Music is the Key to Engaging Asian Americans

It is important to celebrate the cultural pillars that have deeply influenced Asians in history and culture, music especially. As the fastest-growing demographic with a spending power of over 1 trillion, tapping into Asian Americans' passions and their drive to impact and inspire the broader culture is critical for brands who are looking to engage this audience and beyond.

Asian Americans are deeply passionate about music. It is one of the many ways they are able to stay rooted in both their Asian and American identities. From the global phenomena of K-POP to Asian influences in Indie Techno Pop, Hip-Hop & R&B music, their passion and influence in music has become transcendent. Brands can harness the power of music and sound to engage them on a deeper level.

To learn more about the Asian American audience and the role music plays in their lives, we joined forces with Intertrend, a full-service Asian-American communications agency that understands the intersection of cultures, emerging trends, and the interaction between brands and consumers. We leveraged our Pandora Soundboard panel to survey 635 Asian Americans, unearthing insights that will help advertisers use the universal language of music to win their hearts and minds.

"There is no doubt that the power of music can offer comfort, inspiration, and create community. Pandora conducting the Asian American User Study with Intertrend further reinforces that. As we continue to see people of all ethnicities groove to the beat of K-Pop, Bollywood, C-Pop and Japanese Techno, it is hard to find a more powerful cultural connector than music that transcends all racial barriers”, said Julia Huang, President & CEO of Intertrend Communications

4906 AAPI Infographic R3-01

The power of music in creating connections with your Asian American audience is clear — but what next? We'll be diving into even more insights and tips, with multicultural agency Intertrend Communications, on Thursday, July 16. Register for our webinar here.

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