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Inside an Audio Ad's Daily Journey: SXM Media Shares Storytelling Content

Nov 11, 2021

"Show, don't tell," is a golden rule of storytelling. With its new "A Day in the Life of an Audio Ad" campaign, SXM Media takes that adage to a new level. For this latest interactive experience, the company created an audiobook and an eBook that detail how an audio ad lives on SXM Media's platforms -- SiriusXM, Pandora and Stitcher. It also shows how an ad interacts with consumers from the time they wake up until they go to bed.

Advertisers can choose their own adventure. Those who prefer a text-based experience can read the storybook version of the campaign, while auditory learners can immerse themselves in the audiobook. Both illuminate how ads on SXM Media can adapt to different activities, dayparts, moods and content genres.

The ultimate message is clear: “Regardless of what your audience is listening to, or what time of day it is, or what device they’re on, we can reach and target them in simple moments yet ones that resonate throughout their day. ,” said Crystal Park, VP of Industry Marketing at SXM Media. “We really wanted to take advertisers on a journey to show them how pervasive their message can be across SXM Media’s satellite, streaming and podcast platforms and how they can become a relevant part of a listener’s experience.

Every time a listener interacts with the ad, it is an opportunity for brands to connect with listeners, and subtle shifts in tone and message can match moments and context.

The Storybook Experience

The storybook invites readers on a journey from the ad's perspective, demonstrating how a brand message moves through listeners' daily activities. There are loads of statistics to discover. For example, consumers tune in to audio media 4.8 times per day, on average, using two different devices and two streaming platforms.

A sample of other statistics related to SXM Media users include:

  • They spend up to four hours in their cars per day, and two-thirds of the time is spent listening to SiriusXM, Pandora or Stitcher.

  • A third of all Stitcher and Pandora listeners tune in to podcast content for 10 hours or more per week.

  • During the evening commute, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., 73% of podcast listeners stream podcasts in the car.

  • From 7 p.m. to 12 a.m., gaming while listening to SiriusXM is the top indexing activity.

The Sonic Journey

The audiobook is similar to a narrative podcast and was voiced by podcaster Chelsea Devantez, host of "Celebrity Book Club."

Devantez takes listeners through a typical day of a professional young woman named Alex. She starts her morning with coffee and streaming music on Pandora. The ad she hears from a tea company is upbeat and festive, meant to kick her morning off on a positive note.

When Alex takes a midday work break, she hears an ad encouraging an afternoon cup of tea. When she walks her dog, or listens to a podcast in her car, there's another ad customized for her. The ads move with her and adjusts to each device and location to meet Alex in every moment of her day. When she is home cooking dinner, Alex turns on a current events podcast and hears another ad for tea. This message features a more somber tone to match the podcast content.

The Inner Workings

How does the targeting process work? SXM Media uses its troves of first-party user data to create contextually relevant advertising opportunities, delivering the right ads at the opportune time. Its tech can target ads based on mood, activity, content genre, location and device. SXM Media also provides transcription targeting, voice-to-text technology that can target specific podcast show topics at an episode level.

Both the audiobook and storybook approaches have a big underlying message for advertisers to consider. "The way we listen to music, podcasts, talk shows, all of that has changed dramatically over the years," says Devantez, as she narrates the story. "Long gone are the days of static, one-dimensional listening and static, one-dimensional ads are also out the window." When done well, audio ads are fun, interactive and relevant.

Dive into the story of a Day in the Life of an Audio Ad here.

This article was originally published on MediaVillage.

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