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Let’s Talk Tech: Consumer Audio Stats You Need to Know

Aug 14, 2023

Digital audio lovers and tech aficionados—they're one and the same.

We live in a digital world. Technology fuels the constant craving for innovation, convenience, and automation. As devices get smarter, consumers are upgrading everything from kitchen appliances to entertainment centers to keep up with the trend. An overwhelming 94% of consumers say they try to keep up with developments in technology.

In audio, we’re seeing the results of this tech obsession. The age-old love of audio is trending toward digital and has been for years. Time with digital audio has risen 23% since 2015 as time with AM/FM fell 24%.  And it’s everything from smart speakers to phones to even TVs allowing our listeners to indulge in the music, talk, and podcasts they love.With many of our listeners considering a tech purchase, digital audio ads are an effective way to influence them.

Digital audio listeners love tech

Keeping Up With the Technology

There’s a lot to keep up with when it comes to technology, and consumers are turning to their peers for advice and guidance. That means for every listener you reach with an ad, there’s a good chance they’ll spread the word about your products.

  • 92% of consumers say their friends often ask them for advice before buying electronic equipment

  • 94% like to read reviews before buying electronics

  • 92% say they are among the first of their friends and colleagues to try new tech products

Influence Tech Heads With Digital Audio

Without tech, our listeners couldn’t tune into the four hours and seventeen minutes of audio they indulge in each day.  Our listeners own an average of nine devices, and over a third of them are intent on purchasing more soon. Digital audio is the perfect way to reach tech-minded consumers while they’re using technology (and perhaps considering an upgrade). Let’s talk digital for your next tech campaign.


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