(Mini) Mic Interview: Terri Winston, Executive Director & Founder, Women's Audio Mission

Sep 10, 2020

Welcome to another edition of Pandora Presents: Pass the (Mini) Mic Interview Series, focused on womxn in advertising and music who are changing the numbers game and passing the mic to the next generation.

Terri Winston, the Executive Director and Founder of Women’s Audio Mission (WAM), joins Pass the Mic to give insight on her extensive 30+ year career in music and the recording industry. Prior to founding WAM Terri was a tenured Professor and the Director of the Sound Recording Arts Program at City College of San Francisco for 10 years. As an accomplished songwriter, composer, recording engineer and producer, Terri has worked with powerhouse artists like P.J. Harvey Pixies, Throwing Muses, Flaming Lips, Fugazi, Cake, and Third Eye Blind. She is currently serving on the Recording Academy's (Grammy's) National Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion and The Academy of Country Music's Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.

A dedicated advocate for gender equity in the audio industry, listen for more on Terri’s journey in founding WAM, the important impact of their mentorship programs and conferences, and how she has seen diversity brought to the forefront of the industry, over the past 20 years.

Check out Pass the Mic's feature on Women's Audio Mission to learn more about their work. You can also visit the Women’s Audio Mission website to learn more about how you can get involved or donate to the organization.

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