New Year, New Me—Tap into Consumer Resolutions with Podcasts

MaryKate Breslin, Senior Manager, Market ResearchJan 4, 2024

Three in four podcast listeners make New Years’ resolutions. And they're turning to their favorite podcast hosts for guidance—making it a great time for brands to leverage the host-listener connection.

When the clock strikes midnight, marking the beginning of a new year, we reflect on our lives and plan for the future, embracing the opportunity for another new beginning.

In the land of podcasts, where discussions range from self-improvement to pop culture, listeners absorb the wisdom of experts and everyday storytellers. New Years' resolutions find a unique companion in these digital dialogues. Whether it’s adopting a healthier lifestyle, pursuing passions, embracing mindfulness, or building better financial habits, podcast enthusiasts leverage the power of audio to shape their lives.

The beauty lies in the synergy between resolutions and podcasts, where the spoken word becomes a catalyst for change. The immersive nature of podcasts creates a dynamic dialogue between aspirations and real-world challenges, and it’s a space where resolutions inevitably arise. It’s a journey guided by an audible compass, helping listeners navigate uncharted territories of personal growth and transformation.

The Wisdom of Podcasts Harmonizes Listener Aspirations

According to an SiriusXM Media poll focused on podcast listener sentiment and their outlook toward setting New Years' resolutions, three in four podcast listeners typically set resolutions for the upcoming year. The intimacy of the medium transforms resolutions from simple goals to a personalized course, and the familiar voices of their favorite podcast hosts lead the way.

It’s no surprise that 43% of listeners say podcasts inspire and guide them to personal development and goal achievement. In fact, eight in 10 podcast listeners are optimistic about sticking to their resolutions and goals in 2024, and 32% of listeners say podcasts provide them with the right information and education on topics related to their personal resolutions.

Leveling-Up in 2024

So, what are podcast listeners hoping to achieve in the new year? Everything from financial wellness, to improved physical health, to restored mental-health, to a better work-life balance. And of course, they’re leaning into podcasts for guidance.

They’re setting resolutions that are fueled by the quality insight and advice that podcasts provide, propelling them into the new year with determination and a fresh perspective. Nearly four in 10 listeners say podcasts help them find motivation and provide practical tips to kick off the year with positive changes, and 32% say podcasts will help them be more productive in the new year.

Committing to Financial Wellness

As the possibility of a recession still looms, we found that many podcast listeners are focusing their energy and time on specific financial goals. They’re looking to take charge of their finances by increasing their savings (65%), paying off credit card debt (45%), saving for a big purchase (33%), saving for retirement (33%), paying off other loans (24%), and investing in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds (21%) to name a few.

New Year, New Opportunities for Brands

Often, the energy and determination wear off as we move through January, and many podcast listeners have stated that they faced hardships sticking to their resolutions in years’ past. Nearly half (45%) of podcast listeners said they weren’t able to maintain the habits necessary to keep the resolution, and 21% of them said they didn’t have enough support to keep the resolution. This presents an exciting opportunity for brands to carve out space in the podcast landscape by engaging and supporting the diverse listener communities fostered by the medium.   

How Brands Can Build a Better “You” 

According to the podcast listeners we heard from, they want brands to join the conversation by providing practical tips, discounts, accountability, incentives, and support, both through their content and through the products and services they offer. 

Engage Podcast Listeners Through Their Resolutions

  • Lend a hand: 50% of listeners want brands to create content aligned with self-improvement, wellness, and goal setting.

  • Collaborate with hosts: 38% of listeners want brands to collaborate with fitness, health, and wellness experts to provide listeners with access to exclusive events or webinars to help meet their goals.

  • Offer exclusive incentives: 36% want brands to create inspiring content aligned with common resolutions and offer special discounts only available to listeners.

  • Develop community challenges: 31% want brands to partner with podcasts to create interactive community challenges that connect listeners pursuing similar resolutions.

  • Sponsor contests and giveaways: 29% of listeners want brands to host contests or giveaways tied to resolution milestones that encourage listeners to share their progress on social media.

The Power of the Podcast Host(ess) with the Mostest 

Unlike other media, the conversational format and intimate environment of podcasts allows for a deeper exploration of topics, making it a unique and unparalleled medium for meaningful connections. The vulnerability and personal stories shared by podcast hosts create a sense of community, reassuring listeners that the path to self-improvement is paved with both victories and setbacks. The unfiltered and raw conversations foster a sense of authenticity and relatability that goes beyond the one-sided nature of traditional media. And for advertisers, the host-listener connection is yet another chance for brands to partner with podcasts in the new year.

Personal endorsements from the host, relatable anecdotes, and exclusive offers create a sense of trust that both inspires and motivates listeners to act. This personal connection established during the listening experience primes the audience to be more receptive to advertisements, generating awareness, favorability, and intent. 

Strong Results for a CPG Brand

A SiriusXM Podcast Network campaign with show-level ads on a health & wellness podcast yielded significant increases in brand lifts for a national CPG health snack brand.

The campaign leveraged the power of authentic personal endorsements through host-read ads, strategic creative placement of both pre-roll and mid-roll ads, and audience targeting. Using contextually aligned subject matter and themes, the ads reached health & wellness and self-help podcast genre fans 18 and older. The campaign was highly motivating to listeners, generating strong full-funnel success.

  • +31pts in Aided Awareness

  • +22pts in Brand Affinity

  • +33pts in Purchase Intent

  • +23pts in Brand-Specific Attribute 

  • +18pts in Brand-Specific Attribute

Here’s to a Healthier Brand: Seek Success with Podcasts

For many listeners, podcasts are a steady heartbeat, echoing the resilience needed to stay committed to resolutions. Each episode serves as a checkpoint, a moment to course-correct intentions and draw inspiration from the shared human experience.

If you’re ready to kickstart the new year with success and help capture the attention of listeners looking to make positive changes, let’s talk.


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