Pandora Fuels Discovery: Here's How Brands Can Be Found

Apr 22, 2024

Remember the old days of audio advertising? The broad audience targeting, the one-ad-for-all experience, and the dubious measurement techniques. Back in the don’t-touch-that-dial days, relying on AM/FM radio or music television to reach music lovers was hit or miss for brands. It was hit or miss for listeners, too.

If what was playing wasn’t enough or their scene, they had to know a guy (or gal). Someone who knew what kind of underground multi-band shows to hit. Had the hookup for the latest mixtapes. Worked at an indie radio station, record shop, or both. Obsessed over vinyl. Was in several bands. Knew all the obscure groups and labels. Liked big acts before they “sold out.” These music lovers would deal with some eye rolling and a lot of judgment for a fresh infusion of new artists, the latest albums to play on repeat, and the next set of lyrics to obsess over.

That whole scene of deeply personal content discovery and selection was completely closed to brands, meaning advertisers were missing out on the most avid and engaged audiences.

Pioneers in Personalization

Then came Pandora, opening the box, unlocking all music has to offer from highly popular to hardly heard of—everything we love about music, whether we know it or not. It’s a judgment-free hookup for fans and a connection to every type of listener for brands (including those too-cool music aficionados).

With a two-decade history of gathering music knowledge, Pandora delivers a truly cutting-edge experience for listeners, built on discovery. Listening looks a little different for everyone because our algorithm brings personalized audio, with millions of playlists, stations, songs, and genres to explore. This experience keeps our millions of users coming back for more.

Create Messages that Feel Personal

Streaming audio offers advertisers a more intimate environment to meet consumers where they are with brand stories that are relevant to them. And our content curation allows you to target both audiences and content types to really nail the vibe

Out of the Box Discovery

With every station add, every thumbed song, listeners tell us who they are—and the analysts driving our music genome project and algorithm deliver unparalleled music discovery, customized to their tastes.

Reach Listeners When They’re In Discovery Mode

When audiences are selecting new stations and giving songs a thumb of approval, that’s when they are most engaged in the content, which is the perfect time to reach your consumers. And we offer eye-catching ad formats to ensure your brand messages get (and even reward) their attention.

Where Art and Science Collide

Music curation on Pandora is rooted in a mix of human passion and technology, delivering an ultimate combination of art and science for listening. Our music analysts characterize songs based on complex attributes, allowing us to sort and allocate them to stations. And our expert in-house creators stay on the pulse of what's new and next in music. 

  • Data. Approximately 84M tracks in our catalog spanning more than 36 unique genres.

  • Analysis. Pandora analysts examine thousands of tracks per month, measuring hundreds of attributes per track.

  • Curation. Our music curators stay on the pulse of what's new in music to inform Pandora technology.

Curated Listening and Advertising Experiences

We curate customized content wherever and whenever listeners are on the platform. Our stations are rooted in listener passions and interests. Broken into flagship, moods, and artists, listeners know when they come to Pandora they will discover a station catered specifically to them. That’s why 55% of our listeners say Pandora has stations and playlists that perfectly fit their mood.

Within the Pandora platform, there are so many ways to integrate your brand into the listener experience, with a variety of formats within audio, display, and video insertions. And we offer 360 activations to engage with superfans everywhere, expanding beyond the actual interface and providing advertisers integrations across social, live events, and more.

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