Pass the Mic with Delia D’Ambra

Apr 22, 2024

Meet Delia D’Ambra, an investigative journalist and true crime storyteller with nearly 10 years of experience. Delia hosts not one, not two, but three ultra-popular shows: CounterClock, Dark Arenas, and Park Predators. She’s also an executive producer on the audiochuck network for chart-topping shows like Armored, Solvable, KILLED, and Strangeland. With a striking attention to detail and a commitment to the pursuit of truth and justice, Delia has amassed millions of fans worldwide.

Delia was part of our new creator-focused season of the Pass the Mic Podcast, hosted by Sophie Anderson, Sales Marketing, Podcasts. In her interview, she talks about changing the game of podcasting, honoring victims’ stories, finding success as a host, and more. Take a listen to some of her gems of wisdom below.

Something was missing from podcasting.

Something was missing from podcasting. - Delia D'Ambra

Highlight: “I think that there were a lot of things missing in the podcasting landscape [before]. And it came down to really brave and determined creators who said, ‘What I'm experiencing…is missing, and I want to bring that to the table.” - Delia D’Ambra

Let the stories breathe.

Let the stories breathe. - Delia D'Ambra

Highlight: “When I was a TV news reporter, I was covering multiple stories a day—all important stories. But the turnaround was so different. Being in audio and podcasting means letting stories have the time to breathe and letting interviewees have the time to tell their story in the length of time that they need to tell it.”  - Delia D’Ambra

This happened to me.

This happened to me. - Delia D'Ambra

Highlight: “There’s something to be said about wanting to listen to something where it's like, ‘This happened to me.’ What can I learn? What can I teach my daughter? What can I teach my friend?...I think that's a really smart and savvy thing.” - Delia D’Ambra

Stand out and be different.

Stand out and be different. - Delia D'Ambra

Highlight: “Don't compare yourself to those around you. Really find a way to make yourself different, stand out, and be dedicated.” - Delia D’Ambra

Want to hear more from Delia about all things women, true crime, and podcasting? Listen to her full episode now. When you’re done and ready for more doses of inspiration, binge seasons one through four of Pass the Mic.

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