Pass the Mic with Hannah Brown

May 2, 2024

Meet Hannah Brown. She’s a TV personality (see: The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Special Forces, and Dancing With the Stars), a New York Times-bestselling author, and the host of the hit podcast, Better Tomorrow with Hannah Brown. With her down-to-earth temperament and intimate approach to conversation, Hannah has cultivated an honest and engaged relationship with her fans and listeners. 

Hannah recently sat down to chat with Sophie Anderson, Associate Director, Sales Marketing, Podcasts, as part of our new creator-focused season of the Pass the Mic Podcast. In her interview, Hannah opened up about the power in breaking the mold, finding inspiration from other powerful women, how life is better when you’re yourself, and more. Take a listen to what she had to say below.

Don’t be afraid to break the mold.

Don’t be afraid to break the mold. - Hannah Brown

Highlight: “That is when I found my success—being like, ‘Oh, you're just a little bit different. You're breaking the mold. You're doing your own thing.’ And that was a big ‘Aha!’ for me.” - Hannah Brown

Take a step and figure it out.

Take a step and figure it out. - Hannah Brown

Highlight: “These people didn't just wake up and have all this knowledge and advice and know how to carry a conversation in these ways. They took a little step and figured it out and felt a little bit like, ‘So how can I do this in a way that's going to really create something that people want to tune into?’ And so that’s just my motto—looking at these people who I feel like are the best in their job and being inspired by them and watching them and seeing what they're doing, but still trying to remember that I have something to offer that's different than them.” - Hannah Brown 

You’re better when you’re yourself.

You’re better when you’re yourself. - Hannah Brown

Highlight: “Every time that I've done something and just truly let my guard down has been where… I've made an impact or I've changed, and I've grown and then seen that I've been able to put that out into the world. And it was this moment of ‘Oh, I'm actually better when I’m myself.’” - Hannah Brown

Podcasts offer a sense of community.

Podcasts offer a sense of community. - Hannah Brown

Highlight: “I think women are unique in the fact that we all need and crave community and something that can bond us… You can go to a podcast to feel like you are not so alone. And then, within that podcast, have a community of people that also feel the same way and are going through the same things as you.” - Hannah Brown

No one has all the answers.

No one has all the answers. - Hannah Brown

Highlight: “I wish I had all the answers… But I am just like everyone else, just trying to figure it out… So maybe I can help facilitate and use the opportunities that I have for other people to also get that help and that encouragement when we need it most.” - Hannah Brown

Itching to hear more from Hannah about her career, podcast, and journey to being better everyday? Listen to her full episode now. When you’re done, there’s even more bingeable content—check out the rest of season five (plus seasons one through four) of the Pass the Mic Podcast.

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