Pass the Mic with Kylie Low

Apr 26, 2024

Meet Kylie Low, an investigative journalist and podcast creator and host. Her chart-topping true crime podcast, Dark Downeast, centers around the stories and legacies of victims in Maine and New England. Through her human-centric approach, dedication to justice, and commitment to victim advocacy, Kylie has earned a wide-held reputation for bringing tenderness, grace, and tenacity to the true crime genre. 

Kylie was part of our new creator-focused season of the Pass the Mic Podcast, hosted by Sophie Anderson, Sales Marketing, Podcasts. In her interview, Kylie opened up about giving yourself permission to take action, betting on yourself, her advice for getting started, and more. Listen to what she had to say below.

Give yourself permission to take action.

Give yourself permission to take action. - Kylie Low

Highlight: “Honestly, I sit here bewildered today to be talking to you and know the humble beginnings of Dark Downeast. And I'm just so grateful I gave myself permission to take action on what was a really scary idea.”

Bet on yourself.

Bet on yourself. - Kylie Low

Highlight: “In March of 2023, I had some monumental shifts in my life— becoming a mom and losing my own mother. So I was like, it's time for me to bet on myself.” - Kylie Low

Throw your name in the hat.

Throw your name in the hat. - Kylie Low

Highlight: “I had no experience in podcasting. I was like, ‘Throw my name in the hat. Let's see.’ That was a Tuesday. By Friday, I was hired.” - Kylie Low

Just start.

Just start. - Kylie Low

Highlight: “ My advice is to start. Because you can wait for perfection, or when your idea is totally oiled up and shiny and ready for public consumption. Or you can start and you can see the progress from day one to now.” - Kylie Low

Want to hear more from Kylie about her transformative career in true crime podcasting? Listen to her full episode now. When you’re finished, go binge the rest of season five (plus seasons one through four) of the Pass the Mic Podcast.

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