Podcast Advertising: The Safest Bet, with Sounds Profitable

Jun 19, 2024

When it comes to finding the best medium to invest your media dollars, podcasts are the safest bet. They don't just boast impressive brand recall, positive brand sentiment, and massive, scalable, reach. Podcasts are also the most effective medium to drive ROI. Just consider this: On average, podcasts lead to a whopping a 16% increase in action, while TV and radio only lead to to +1% and +6%, respectively.

There are more insights where those came from, and we shared them all in our latest webinar with none other than Sounds Profitable. Greg Leader, our Head of Podcast Brand Partnerships teamed up with Tom Webster, Partner at Sounds Profitable, to showcase:

  • How podcasts outperform traditional media channels

  • Case studies that prove that podcasts foster favorability and brand awareness

  • The diverse landscape of content attracting these listeners

  • How the SiriusXM Podcast Network can help connect you to your target audience

They covered a ton of ground, which you can capture in full by watching the webinar recording below.

Podcast Advertising: The Safest Bet, with Sounds Profitable

Watch the webinar recording now.

If you're short on time and just looking for the quick-hits summary, we've got that, too. Take a listen.

A special message from Ted Danson.

A special message from Ted Danson

Listen to Ted Danson talk about his brand-new podcast.

Podcast audiences are curious and attentive.

Podcast audiences are curious and attentive - Tom Webster

Highlight: "One of the questions that we asked in our previous study, The Ad Bargain, is, 'Are you more willing to consider products and services after you learn about them on this media?' And podcasting audiences were number one... And there's a very good reason for that. And the reason for that is the audience. The audience is a very curious, attentive audience. And that curiosity and that attentiveness also applies to the ads that they're hearing in the podcasts themselves." - Tom Webster

Podcasting is extremely competitive when compared to traditional media.

Podcasting is extremely competitive when compared to traditional media - Tom Webster

Highlight: "As you go lower in the funnel, you can see podcasting has a much more significant positive difference with favorability than television or radio did for their top advertisers. [In regards to] consideration, again, [it was] triple that of radio and nearly four times that of TV. And then for purchase, as we get lower in the funnel, podcasting showed a 16% point average positive differential. So, we know it's very competitive with traditional media—but it's also very competitive with digital media and, particularly, online video, especially for purchase behavior." - Tom Webster

Podcast listeners are very attentive to brands.

Podcast listeners are very attentive to brands - Tom Webster

Highlight: "People are very passionate about brands and products that they're passionate about. I'm sure anybody watching this has a product or service or some kind of provider or company that you could wax poetically about to your neighbor for hours, right? We all have those brands... and podcast listeners, especially, are very attentive to brands." - Tom Webster

People think positively about podcasts.

People think positively about podcasts - Tom Webster

Highlight: "Podcast ads work on a number of levels. And we've often talked about how they have a theater of mind in the relationship between the host. But there are really some very tangible, hard, tactical reasons why they work—and they're down to the audience. People are very positive about podcasting in general. People think very positively about the medium. Even people who don't currently listen to podcasts have a favorable opinion." - Tom Webster

People enjoy podcast ads.

People enjoy podcast ads - Tom Webster

Highlight: "Ultimately, people who listen to podcasts watch or listen to all of the ads... There's a unique bond here between the creators and the consumers of podcasting. They recognize that their support with sponsors and advertising is helping to make that content possible—and that bond extends to advertisers." - Tom Webster

Ready to invest your media dollars in a safer, more effective medium? We can help with that. Let's chat about how you can utilize The SiriusXM Podcast Network to reach your target audience.

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