Podcast Playlist: New Year, New Releases

Alexandria Caggia, Specialist, Podcast Sales MarketingJan 17, 2024

We’re ringing in the new year with sensational releases from fresh and familiar faces—or should we say voices. From action-packed thrillers to time-saving tips and tricks, the SiriusXM Podcast Network offers novel ideas and dynamic storytelling.

Our podcasts are curated with intention, so brands can effortlessly tap into a variety of content to reach desirable audiences at scale. Here’s a peek at our favorite releases of the quarter. Let the countdown begin!

Reach Listeners as They Improve Their Lives

Living by a list of "shoulds" is exhausting, and it leaves zero extra time to rest, recharge, or just be a person. At least, that’s how two-time New York Times bestselling author Kendra Adachi feels. As a working mom, Kendra knows the struggles of maintaining a work-life balance and seeks to find easy alternatives to not-so-easy, mundane tasks. Luckily for those who haven’t got it all figured out, she’s partnering with Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, hosts of The Office Ladies, to bring her can-do attitude and big sister advice to a whole new audience of high-achieving women.

Each episode of The Lazy Genius Podcast provides foolproof life hacks and tangible solutions to everyday problems like gift wrapping, packing school lunches, and finding time to finish that page-turner you started reading months ago. Her goal: Help listeners become a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't.

Be a Part of the Stories They Love 

What do you get when you combine a 13x Emmy award-winning narrator, compelling short stories, and gorgeous soundscapes? That’s right—13 seasons of LeVar Burton Reads. This immersive audio experience invites listeners to take a break from the chaos and dive deep into a well-written story. And, as the name suggests, it's hosted by none other than LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow and Star Trek fame.

Handpicked by the best voice in podcasting, each illuminating piece of fiction captivates millions, encourages imagination, and enhances creativity. Hear the iconic retelling of classic literary tales authored by the one and only Stephen King, Toni Morrison, Nnedi Okorafor, Kurt Vonnegut, and Ken Liu amongst many others.  

Get Their Attention When Their Blood Is Pumping

The gym is not the only way to get your heart rate up this winter. NBC’s Dateline is ensuring that fans never miss an episode again with Dateline Originals, a go-to hub for Dateline exclusives. In this series, listeners can revisit chart-topping titles like Murder In Apartment 12, Internal Affairs, Killer Role, Mommy Doomsday, and so much more. Plummet down the rabbit hole of binge-worthy true crime and hear the chilling narration of Dateline mainstays, Keith Morrison and Josh Mankiewicz. 

Show Support for Content That Piques Their Interest 

Did you know that Gandhi learned his legendary method of passive resistance from his wife, Kasturba? Or that the person responsible for Maya Angelou’s genre-defining memoir was her good friend James Baldwin? Alongside any famous name, there is a deep rooted origin story—one that led them down the road to stardom.

In Significant Others, Team Coco’s Liza Powel O’Brien explores the lesser-known stories just beyond the spotlight of history. Each episode highlights a well-known figure's path to fame and the person who altered their destiny, featuring the voices of modern-day celebrities like Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, Jameela Jamil, Rita Wilson, Timothy Olyphant, Lisa Kudrow, and many more. No wonder the show was nominated for “Best Emerging Podcast” following the release of its first season last year.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are for these upcoming titles. Audiences will be sharing this list of must-adds with family, friends, neighbors, their barista, and their kids' math teacher. And your brand can be a part of the conversation by advertising on the SiriusXM Podcast Network. Let’s talk. 

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