Podcast Playlist: Out with the Old, in with the New

Alexandria Caggia, Specialist, Sales Marketing PodcastsApr 2, 2024

Spring into action with the SiriusXM Podcast Network's most anticipated releases of the quarter. This season boasts a slew of remarkable titles from the award-winning networks like audiochuck and NBC. With unparalleled star-power and reach, we bring advertisers stellar content and targeting solutions you can’t get elsewhere. Read on for an exclusive look at these soon-to-be-chart-toppers. 

Invest in the Genre Listeners Love

The true crime experts at Dateline are bringing listeners a brand news series that masters the art of storytelling in a way that is both ethical and entertaining. Join NBC correspondent Andrea Canning on Dateline Crime News Weekly as she dives into the four buzziest crime stories of the week, bringing listeners the latest updates on trials and investigations around the country. Get a glimpse into the criminal justice system with exclusive access to the Dateline archives. Through collaboration with NBC affiliates and the network newsroom, this thrilling title will become the destination for both existing Dateline loyalists as well as a new audience of true crime fanatics.

Align with Cutting-Edge Storytelling 

Back by popular demand, beloved host and true crime savant Delia D’Ambra returns for all-new seasons of CounterClock and Park Predators. Delia’s sound-rich narrations coupled with her thorough reporting has proven to be a recipe for success, earning her a massive, devoted audience who keep coming back for more. With years of in-depth investigative reporting under her belt, Delia continues to advocate for the victims and their families well beyond the show. In fact, she has raised over one million dollars through Audiochuck’s non-profit organization, Season of Justice. Get the most out of your investment and scale your messaging across the audiochuck Network to tap into both of these guaranteed chart toppers.

Stand Out From the Clutter

As the first openly lesbian woman to host a prime-time news show, Rachel Maddow (MSNBC award-winning political commentator) isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. In a world filled with bias and social unrest, her podcast, Ultra, has become a catalyst for crucial conversations across a growing political divide. The second season of this genre-bending title will continue to touch upon stories of American extremism throughout history. Maddow has established herself as a prominent voice in politics, winning Ultra the #7 spot on Apple Podcasts list of Most Shared Shows of 2023.

Get in Gen Alpha’s Ears

Did you know Gen Alpha’s purchasing power is projected to grow three times faster than any other generation by 2030? Needless to say, zeroing in on kid-friendly content could generate powerful, long-term results for your brand. Enter Smologies, a new weekly kids show geared towards inspiring the next generation of STEM leaders. This spin-off of Alie Ward’s hit podcast Ologies will feature smaller, shorter, G-rated episodes that break down big ideas for growing minds. From carnivorous dinosaurs and frog life cycles to the wonders of space exploration and papier-mâché volcanoes, every bizarre curiosity is uncovered by a subject matter expert. Whether it’s listened to in the classroom, at home, or on the go, Smologies has tidbits for everyone.

Get behind the content listeners want to hear and align with genre-defying titles within the SiriusXM Podcast Network. Let’s chat!

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